Selling: Going From The Annoying Pest To The Invited Guest

Posted on July 20, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Most outsiders look at salespeople as annoying pests. 


We want their money, we try and sell them shit, we come over to their work and house uninvited.


  • We knock doors hoping to talk our way in
  • We call random numbers hoping they can talk
  • We spam emails hoping for replies
  • We hit DMs hoping they engage


Many of us wear out our welcome before we are welcome.




Because most of you don’t consider what the prospect wants. 

Selling: Going From The Annoying Pest To The Invited Guest

Most of you don’t have empathy towards what they think they need.


If you want to make sales, you can’t annoy your way into a close. 


You gotta be welcomed in with open arms and open wallets.


How do you go from uninvited to warmly welcomed?

First, you need rapport

Without rapport, you’re just forcing them to have a conversation with you they don’t want to have.


The way to build rapport is to keep your prospect’s wants in mind.


Talk about what they want, what they do, and what they think.


We spend so much time talking about ourselves, our products, and our companies.


 When in reality if we address them more than us, they would listen more and be more open to doing business with us.

Second, you need trust

They need to know you care, you listen, and that they can trust you. 


Every movie about salespeople portrays us as con men, rip off artists, and snake oil sellers.


Truth is like 1% of us are scammers, but thanks to Hollywood and the Media, the world thinks we are 99% crooks. By the way FUCK HOLLYWOOD AND THE MEDIA! 

Yeah, I said it, fuck em.


We are hard-working people who do honest work to feed our families, but we have all the odds stacked against us thanks to people like the Wolf of Wall St and Gordon Gecko (which by the way is Dan Bilzerian’s dad in real life)


If you want to be an invited guest, you need to offer value the marketplace can’t go without. You need a hell of an offer and before you can make a hell of an offer, you need rapport and trust.


That’s exactly what I can help you create:


Rapport and Trust


Here’s your chance to learn how to go from annoying pest to invited guest.


It just takes sales finesse.

Grab the $6,000+ valued May Deal from Break Free Academy for only $267 today to start getting invited, and stop being annoying to your prospects.

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