Selling With A Servant’s Heart

Posted on December 02, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Sales is one of the most fascinating industries to be a part of because of how much variation exists in the type of people involved.

We all know of at least a few different types of sales professionals that we come across regularly. They range from the sleazy car salesman to the smooth-talking insurance agent. There are even online personalities dedicated to making fun of day-to-day sales professionals with massive followings. To see what I mean, check out @CorporateBro on Instagram.

The biggest thing to realize is that even though sales and sales professionals have many stigmas around them, the most successful people in that industry are the ones who sell with a servant’s heart. The ones who care about their clients and the results they get.

Do your current sales processes focus on problem discovery and solution delivery?

When you shift from trying to sell everyone your product or service to finding out if your product or service can actually benefit the other person, everything changes.

There are a few reasons why this idea of selling with a servant’s heart leads to long term success.

#1 – Sales always breaks down to problem-solving.

Being in sales, you should have realized by now that every transaction comes down to solving a problem for your clients. They have a need or a desire to fulfill, and your job as a salesperson is to help them do so with your product or service. The sooner you get clear on your ideal client and their needs, the sooner you can have sales conversations with that type of individual. The bigger the problem you can solve for your clients, the more they are typically willing to pay you for it.

#2 – You build trust, which leads to referrals and repeat business.

When you can help someone solve their problem painlessly and straightforwardly, they will usually have someone else they know who would like to have a similar situation taken care of as well. Usually, if the client has had the problem long enough, they have talked about it with others before making a final decision to have it solved. This is your opportunity to earn referrals by asking who else the client may know with the same problem. When you do a great job of solving your client’s situation, should the issue ever arise again, you will be the first person they call to take care of it. Repeat customers can be the key to long term success in your business.

#3 – The Law of Attraction

Only you can decide how you want to live your life. If you choose to be the kind of salesperson that does right by their clients and always operates with integrity, the universe will recognize that. Think about how you want to be treated during a sales transaction and return that favor to your prospective clients. Think about the guys or gals you know who always seem to have “problem clients,” are there any similarities in how they act when dealing with other sales professionals? Like attracts like…

So focus on selling with a servant’s heart. Take the time to help your clients solve a problem, and you will see how quickly your sales increase by proxy. When you do great things for good people, the great people will do amazing things for you.

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