7 Phrases Every Millionaire Hates to Hear

Posted on October 23, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Millionaires are wired differently than the rest of the world. We rely on experience more than advice and do what others won’t. We also avoid the language of excuse-makers and quitters. Most millionaires understand the power of words. The right words can unlock doors. The wrong words can slam them shut forever. 
When I refer to millionaires, I’m referring to the ones who’ve actually earned their fortune, not inherited it. People who work hard for their 7+ figure fortune have to filter out a lot of bullshit and naysaying. Most people, even those who claim to love you, don’t want to see you succeed. Not because they are haters, but because it means they have no excuse. 

That’s a hard reality for most to face.

I know when I was coming up, there were phrases that drove me crazy. These phrases were usually muttered by people who knew me the best. I’m sure they were thinking if I succeed they will for sure have no excuse. They’d have to admit to themselves they are just lazy and not willing to do what it takes.
Millionaires think bigger than the rest of the world. If they thought the same as the average Joe, they’d have no more money than the average Joe. In a country where the median income is around $30,000 a year, being a millionaire is kind of a big deal. The folks who’ve clawed their way to the top, have some serious pet peeves when it comes to common phrases. 
I’ve polled and asked some of my millionaire friends. We’ve all come to an agreement that none of us can stand these phrases, yet we’ve heard them over and over on the way up. Some of us still hear them often. So, if you’re trying to connect with a millionaire, here are seven key phrases to avoid. 
It can’t be done – We’ve all heard it. Mostly from people who couldn’t do sh*t if they had an instruction manual, YouTube video and three people helping them. Yet, it hurts every time we hear it. When someone says, “It can’t be done,” they are doubting our ability to make the impossible possible
Doubting us only makes us want it more. Most of us use this as fuel to make it happen. There’s no rush quite like shutting your doubters the f*ck up. You need determination and extreme focus to make the impossible possible, and most people don’t have it and don’t understand it. Most people aren’t millionaires. 
You’re wasting your time – Most folks have no idea what time really is. Sure, it’s the numbers on your watch, the position of the sun in the sky and all that, but when you start making lots of money, the concept of time is greatly altered. The average person has more time than money, but when the pendulum swings the other way, and you find yourself flush with cash, you use it to buy more time. It’s a weird thing you won’t be able to understand until you get there. 
Ever notice those who are good with their time are really good with money, too? Ever notice the person who’s always late, is always broke, too? Time and money go hand-in-hand. Telling a millionaire they are wasting time is like telling them they are wasting money. Trust me, once you have a decent amount of cash, all you think about is buying. 
I can’t do it – Most millionaires despise quitters. On the one hand, we need them, or everyone would be rich. On the other hand, people who give up are weak and the elite don’t run with the weak. Not only do millionaires not want to be told they can’t do something, they don’t want to hear someone else say they can’t do something.
We are going to send people to live on Mars. For f*ck’s sake, anything is possible. So, when millionaires hear: “I can’t do it” they immediately think the person is weak, presumptive and a quitter. And let’s be real… that’s exactly the reality. 
You should give up – I can’t tell you how many times people have told me the whole “make money from social media” thing wouldn’t work. They told me it was just a fad and like every other Internet bubble this one would pop, too. Here I am, six years later, an internet millionaire. If I’d have listened to the naysayers who told me to get a real job, I’d be broke like most of them.
Giving up is just not in the DNA of a millionaire. If it were, they would not have what they do. When you’re all-in and laser focused, giving up is not an option.
That’s crazy – Of course, it’s crazy. Millionaires swing the pendulum from crazy and misunderstood to amazing thought leader.  I wonder how many people told Floyd Mayweather there was no way he could spend his entire career undefeated? How many people called Steve Jobs crazy when he talked about the iPhone? How many people told Elon Musk rockets to Mars was something only crazy people believed in?
If you can think it, it can be done. How crazy is that? Crazy enough for us to say “f*ck you” and keep on chasing after our crazy-ass dreams. The masses call us crazy as an insult; we take it as a compliment.
It’s too expensive – People who don’t have money, don’t understand how money works. That’s just it. Money has to work. You’ve got to put money to work if you want to make money. You don’t have to have the money either. At any given time there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for places to park and invest their money. Aka put their money to work.
There are trillions of dollars circulating in our economy. All of those dollars are endlessly searching for a place to work. Their owners are looking for places to put them to work. That being said, there’s nothing too expensive. There are just people who are not willing to do the research and work to get the money they need. It’s actually easier to get a lot of money than it is to get a little bit. 
When is it gonna be enough? – I personally hate this one the most. It’s as if the person saying it really means: “So, how much more are you going to run the score up on me?” I’ll run it up as much as you let me. Contrary to what most think, millionaires don’t give a shit about weak people’s excuses. This is why so many of us donate to charities that help people who are completely helpless. Those with able bodies and sound minds need to get to work.
It’s not as if we are running the score up on anyone either. We’re simply continually doing what we do at a high level. Folks think millionaires just sit on their money like Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales. We just swim around in it all day. In reality, we invest it in companies, technology, real estate and other things that help us add more value and extract more cash. The answer is simple, it’s never enough.
If you’re going to become a millionaire, you have to think like one. The only difference between the rich and the average is their thinking. Their thinking led them to their skill set. Elevate your thinking and elevate your game. I have a mindset mastery program for entrepreneurs who are aspiring to break through the mental bullsh*t and get paid what they are worth.

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