7 Reasons Why Salesmen Are the Best in The Sack

Posted on August 20, 2015

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret we Closers get all the action. It’s not just because we are such smooth-talking devils either. We, salesmen, have something primal about us. That primality attracts hot chicks in droves. No matter what shape the salesman may be in. 
Ever seen a really fat guy with a hot chick half his age? That guy’s a salesman! Chances are he’s a professional mind changer. Some people judge and say “but she’s only with him for the money.” Well, that works both ways, he may only be with her to get laid. Either way, she got closed.
It’s not just the money that attracts women to us sales pros. It’s the obscene amount of confidence we have in almost everything we do. Confidence is contagious. When you have it and others see it, others want it, too. Even if you’re a fat dude and she’s a hot 20-something.
What if that animal magnetism and confidence combined led us to also be BEASTS in the sack? The ladies know. Word has been out on us for centuries now. I’ve never heard a hot chick say she wanted to be cuddled by a CPA but I have heard them say they want to be ravished by a man who can get the job done.
We salesmen can get the job done and we are no stranger to hard work ;-)
Next time you start handling objections with that hottie down there at the end of the bar, or the hot chick from four cubicles down, use one of these go-to reasons when the time is right, and you go in for the close.
We know how to connect with people: The first thing you have to learn to do as a salesman is to build bonding and trust with strangers. We are expert connectors. A good salesman knows what to say/do by observing body language and listening to those he intends on making happy.
This particular skill set also pays off in the bedroom. Being the observant folk we are, we know when the person we are with likes or dislikes what we are doing.
We are competitive: Each month, we sales guys fight for the number one spot in our office or company. Most sales offices are more like locker rooms as opposed to corporate environments. We want to win. Win at changing people’s minds. Win at being the best at what it is we are doing.
This works out in the sack too! Being the competitive beings we are, we’ll work hard to give our partners the best service they’ve ever had. We salesmen love to leave a lasting impression on those we’ve encountered.
We know how to make people feel good: Being a salesman is all about being a people pleaser. It’s what we do. All day long we are trying to make people happy by selling them the stuff they need/want. Nobody likes to be sold and a good salesman knows that. Instead, we make prospects feel like buying from us is a great idea.
Behind closed doors, with someone we dig, we will share the feel good ability we possess with the person who can feel the best. Not only can we make those who are with us feel good physically, we are awesome conversationalists who can captivate our partners mentally as well.
We have extreme amounts of energy: Ever met a lazy salesperson? No! You may have met someone working in sales who is lazy, but there are no lazy salesmen anywhere. A good salesman knows it takes energy and enthusiasm to close the sale. You can’t have energy and be lazy at the same time. It damn sure doesn’t close deals.
We carry the same energy in bed as we do in the office. We go all in and give it the old college effort. No one likes a lazy lover, so we are the perfect personalities to step in and put in work. Even at the end of a long day, when Harold the engineer just can’t cut it.
We have a lot of pent-up stress: There’s something about being a salesman that’s stressful. Maybe it’s only getting paid on what we sell. Maybe it’s the constant process of changing people’s minds. Either way, we have a lot of stress going on, in most cases.
When you have a lot of pent-up stress, you need a release. Many salesmen get that release in the bedroom. Sex is a great way for us to use all our energy and focus. We get a release and are not under stress of that one moment when the feeling comes.
We are completely coachable: Most great salesmen were trained by another great salesman. We are always eager to improve and looking to expand our closing abilities all the time. We want to learn. Learn about the people we meet, the mate we are with and what it is we can do to make them happy.
In bed, we are 100 percent coachable too. You tell us how you want it; we deliver the product in the fashion you ordered it. After all, it’s what we do! You just tell us the spot and we’ll put in the work.
We love repeat business: The cost of customer acquisition can be expensive these days. Instead, good salesmen know to ask for repeat business and follow up with past clients. We’ll work hard to keep a client happy for years. Once you’re with us, we hate to see anyone go.
Same thing applies to the people we make love to. It’s easier to have repeat business than it is to go out and attempt to sell more. Not that we don’t enjoy the thrill of the hunt as well, it’s just always a good idea to keep repeat customers.
So, there you have it. Salesmen are good in bed. Don’t believe me, ladies? Head on over to the nearest insurance, car, mortgage, real estate or other sales company and give it a try. You’ll know when you’ve found the right salesman. He’ll say all the right words and close you. You probably won’t see it coming until you’re coming. lol

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