The Shaking Heads of Haters

Posted on June 24, 2014

Ryan Stewman



It’s hard to focus on what matters when you’re head’s on a swivel. Notice when people shake their head with the “no” gesture, there is no way to keep the eyes focused? That means if you’re shaking your head you’re out of focus. haters-xyz  

Why do haters hate?  

I’ve never met a hater doing better than me. Even when I was in prison, the lowest point in my life, the only people who hated me where the ones who couldn’t hustle. The ones that weren’t as smart, as sharp, or willing to hustle as hard.  

The outside world is the same. The people who talk shit and hate on you, may appear to have “it” going on, but trust me, no one hates one someone below them. It’s not cool to pick on the weak.  

Early on in my career I faced the haters. They commented on my posts. They made fun of my videos. The wished failure and harm to me. I fell for their tricks a few times. Each time I fell for it, I learned a new lesson.  

As I matured (I use the term loosely) I learned to ignore them. The more I left them in silence, the louder they would get. The more I ignored them, the more they would compete for my attention. #humans  

As you grow and make more income in your business, the haters will pop up. They may not full on, frontal attack you like they do me, but they will be there none the less. Behind your back, to your connections, on social media etc… They’re out there. Trust me.  

The sooner you adapt to this and get over it, the faster you can move on and continue to grow.  

You see, the shaking heads of haters can’t focus. Their head is too busy shaking back and forth to keep their eyes on what matters. Their life is a constant swing from left to right and they can’t stand to witness someone who has their head on straight.  

Meanwhile YOU have your shit together and are everything those pieces of shit wish they could be. Especially in your home town. The people closest to you will no doubtably be the first ones to hate on you. Prepare yourself, if it’s not already happening.  

The mere fact that people hate on you is a good thing. You should pat yourself on the back for being a badass. There is no hero who doesn’t attract villains and victims. Stay in the hero role and fight your ass off my brother.  

Next time someone hates on you, thank them. If they hate on you on social media, you get a chance to demonstrate your diplomatic skills for all of your fans to see. Haters are good for edgerank!  

Lastly, don’t be a hater. No matter how hard it may be at times, avoid the urge. Don’t get caught up and distracted. Stay in the fight and stay positive towards everyone you come across. Until they hate on you. Then fuck em.

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