You’re here for a real reason. You’re tired of taking the same actions you’ve used for years, with less and less results. You also know that every LO on the planet is chasing Agents, Builders and Investors and you need an angle. Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you able to open your mind to a new-age way of effectively using technology to prospect? If not, stop reading now. The offer I’m about to present to you is not for the weak or narrow minded.  

Over the course of 6 weeks you, me and a group of your peers will go over very specific weekly trainings via teleconference and google hangout. These trainings will not be just feel-ggod, fluffy, bullshit. The strategies you will learn are not theories or philosophies. I’m going to show you the EXACT methods I personally use to attract any type of customer I want. Specifically for this training it will be based on builders and investors.  

Also we will have a secret facebook group where we discuss, interact and mastermind on regular basis, best practices and new innovations in regards to prospecting. There will be documents and other marketing materials such as scripts, uploaded to this group as well. You will have access to all of the material you will need without having to buy additional software or products from me.  

Ryan StewmanHere is the breakdown of how this will work:  

Week 1:

CATCH Sales training; I will teach you my personal 5 step formula I use that has enabled me to close the biggest names in global real estate. This is the most powerful sales conversation you can have.  

Week 2:

Creating your Syndicate; You will learn how to effectively increase your edgerank and engagement on facebook, linkedin and youtube. You will learn how to effectively generate a consistent flow of fresh leads simply by working your sphere of influence properly.  

Week 3:

LIVE Q&A with me! Ask me anything!  

Week 4:

The Bullet-Proof Builder Plan; I’m going to share with you an innovative way to get builder reps running to you on Monday with contracts they wrote over the weekend. You will learn how easy it is to increase production for yourself with builder contacts and how to CLOSE them.  

Week 5:

Generating Interest from Investors; Investors are the hottest segment of our market right now. You’re going to have to learn how to give them what they want, if you want them to give you any loans. Hint* It ain’t mortgage loans…  

Week 6:

Wrap Up LIVE Q&A Ask me Anything  

After the 6 weeks is up, you can remain in the facebook group and continue to mastermind with your peers forever. You will also be provided a copy of all the replay trainings and materials that go along with the course.  

Here’s the deal; By paying for this course and joining this mastermind you agree to take action. I hate it when people waste money on shit they won’t implement and I don’t want any of that any where around my crew. I’m dead serious, if you are lazy or expect this to be “push-button” easy, save your cash. I don’t want it.  

For those of you still reading that aren’t pissed off at me, click the button below and sign up. Let’s get rolling, you’re not guaranteed anything, but if you take action your ROI percentage will have multiples 0s behind it. Let’s get to crackin. Sign up, pay, and send a request to the facebook group to get started. I’ve got a couple of bonuses waiting back there for you once you are ready.

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