This Single Fatal Sales Mistake Has Killed Thousands of Sales Careers

Posted on August 25, 2017

Ryan Stewman



As salespeople, we tend to want to run before we walk. But if you don’t learn to walk properly, you’ll crash a lot when you attempt to run. I’ve seen far too many salespeople attempt to do high-level sales stuff before they have mastered the fundamentals.

This theory applies to anything in life. Not just sales.

If you don’t master the basics, you’ll never be able to make advanced moves. Think of it like basketball. Slam dunks are really cool looking. They score points and the crowd loves them. But if the player never learns how to properly dribble and shoot jump shots, the player will never even get a chance to slam the ball due to being called for traveling.

As much as it stresses some of us out in sales, we have to build our pipeline the correct way, without shortcuts, and we have to experience learning lessons as we go. Without those experiences, we can never become the expert. If you enjoyed this video and you want more material like this, join our mastermind at

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