So you waited in line for a week because of a Black Friday Sale [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on November 23, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Well it’s here ladies and gentlemen. It’s that time of the year again. For about the last decade I have noticed the weirdos come out during the holiday season. You know the weirdos that waited in line for a week because of a Black Friday Sale, yea those weirdos.   Who has time to wait in line for a f’n week to buy a TV anyway? Don’t people understand the concept here? You are spending money, you are not saving money! It’s hilarious to me how smart marketers have presented Black Friday to dumb people and they fall for it. Hell, they even try to kill each other over it. They are waiting in line to buy a non-necessity item like a TV or Xbox all week, then talk about how much they saved! Really you spent $500 and saved $600? Tell me more about your super adept financial skills.  

You waited in line for a week for a Black Friday Sale

You waited in line for a week for a Black Friday Sale

  I make a lot of jokes here and poke fun but the truth   is that this is really sad. There are people out of a job that are going through hard times while others wait in line for a week just to save $100 on a shitty TV. It is highly irritating to me. Plus Cyber Monday always has better deals and no one can kick you out of line from an internet connection.   This week, I turn it up and make it a two part RANT!   I have seen a whole lot of people posting on social media sites about being thankful. The first few days people had a lot to be thankful for then it tapered off and folks had to start getting really creative. It’s easy to be thankful here in America. We have SO MUCH freedom and abundance here. What we don’t get focused on is the “GIVING” part of Thanks-Giving.  

Let's be givers

Let’s be givers

  Like I said, it’s easy to be thankful, it’s hard to give. If we all spent the next 21-30 days being givers, the world would be a better place in a month. I’m not an idiot, I’m not expecting this to ever happen but if it did, it would be nice. I’m going to start this pattern by leading the way. I don’t have to blast it out on facebook to get the credit, but rest assured I will be giving something to someone above and beyond every day until Christmas, or maybe even longer.   This week’s RANT really strikes a chord with me and I get a little over the top. If you waited in line a week because of a Black Friday Sale you are an idiot!   Enjoy:  

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