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Posted on February 18, 2013

Ryan Stewman




social blogging for businessYou’re not blogging? That has got to be the equivalent of an unpublished College Professor or a business that doesn’t do any advertising or showing up for work NAKED. (Unless you work at home and then it would be okay to show up naked, wouldn’t it?) The fastest most productive way to publish fresh content and attract both visitors and search engines to your web pages is the blog.

Tweets and status updates are pretty good for getting your brand out to the consuming public up to a point, but the blog is the INFOMERCIAL of Social Media. Don’t let the name fool you, Social Media means BUSINESS, from the international Corporation to the Sole Proprietor. Procrastination has never been the favored way to accomplish great things and the same holds true when it comes to this fantastic FREE way to educate the consumer as to why they need what you are selling. I agree there are many seemingly great excuses for not blogging:

  • You haven’t got TIME
  • You haven’t the talent to write
  • You have no idea what to write about
  • You don’t have enough time!


While the idea of sitting at a computer writing about business may not feel like you’re doing business, this is a business tool that leads to doing business. Simply put, blogging puts your brand where the consumers are, and consumers are online engaging in Social Media. Engaging with those consumers should be your top priority, but engaging in ways that interest, inspire and inform them will ensure they keep coming back for more! The blog, consistently well written and entertaining will do this for your business. What to do about this pressing problem?

  • You could HIRE a professional writer/blogger to fill this void
  • You could ask someone in the office to fill this void
  • You could take the time necessary to fill this void
  • You could hire a professional to fill this void


Whether large or small, businesses benefit from taking advantage of this online INFOMERCIAL platform to consistently provide content that will ENGAGE their clientele as well as attract new business. So stop lollygagging about and start blogging already.

post written by Marie Krebs

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