Social Media Conversations that Convert with Curaytor

Posted on January 21, 2013

Ryan Stewman



There are a ton of ways to search for people and conversations on social media. So many, that it can become quite overwhelming just deciding on which search platform to use, before you ever search! As more and more social media outlets pop up and gain momentum, the need to find more accurate, engaging and relevant conversations to join in, has grown tremendously. You can search just about any term on facebook, linkedin or twitter and find content that says “5 ways to [blank]” and you could spend all of your time searching around reading “5 thing…” tweets all day.

OR. You could go to this new site called Curaytor and see which conversations are actually worth joining in. By using the Curaytor search function you can see for yourself, if a conversation is worth engaging in. You can meet new connections, gather tons of USEFUL information, and even find ways to sell your stuff to other people who can benefit from what it is that you offer. Not only will Curaytor help you find the right conversations to get engaged in, it will also send you an email with the top conversations going on in social media world right now. It’s like Curaytor has figured out the science behind content that is trending social media posts. Quite genius if you think about it.

On the flip side: You too, can find your conversations and posts being circled around by Curaytor if you know how to position your content correctly. Imagine if you were able to generate enough buzz about you or your brand on social media, that Curaytor picked that content up and shot it out to 1000s upon 1000s of others to engage in like a press release for good conversation. Do you think that could help your business? Of course it would!

The bottom line is this:

Any time new technology pops up that is relevant and can serve a purpose in your marketplace, take advantage of it. Become one of the first people to learn it and use it for all its glory. Then, when people ask you if you have heard of “it”, you say “oh yea, I’ve been using that old thing for years now.” Wouldn’t that be a cool feeling? To be ahead of the crowd, and on to something BEFORE everyone else discovers it? Here is the video Curaytor is using to describe their product. It’s free to use and fun to engage in.

If you are tired of chasing your tail, waiting for your ship to come in, and are ready to take action to achieve the goals you originally set out to accomplish in your business, then fill out the short form below. Once the form is submitted, my assistant will contact you to schedule a time for us to talk about getting your business and what you can implement RIGHT NOW to see the results you want.

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