Social Media Maniacs: The One with Brandin Scharlin Garrett Finkelstein and Dan Ellis

Posted on August 03, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Over the last 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with top talent across the globe. You have no idea how cool my job really is. The people I call friends, clients and homeboys are the greatest people on Earth. This week, I got a few of my favorites to hang out with us and share some love.   Brandin Scharlin

Brandin Scharlin is a top producing loan officer in the Los Angeles area. His expertise covers the whole state of California. Brandin also happens to be a member of the Hardcore Closer elite mastermind. When Brandin’s application came to my email, my wife Ashley said “this dude is a man after your own heart. You are going to make this guys dreams come true.” Before we even met, I knew it was on. Brandin tells us how he went from not posting on facebook for 6 months, to getting more leads than he was ready for, from it.  



My boy Garrett Finkelstein is the wiz behind the only good-looking videos I’ve made. Garrett is responsible for the intro video to The Facebook Syndicate. He has produced such video products as Tonja Waring’s “33 Days to Manifesting Prosperity” Garrett is a young up and comer in the world of video marketing. The guy is 100% legit, I use him.

Dan Ellis



Dan Ellis is an amazing man. He is a fighter through and through. Dan has seen tough times in his life. He’s weathered economical set-backs, multiple sclerosis and still reigned triumphant. I got mad respect for this guy and his ability to bring massive value to the Milwaukee real estate market is unreal. From his new radio show, to his innovative video marketing, this guy is the future of lending.





If you are in the mortgage business, you don’t want to miss this one. The gang really lays it out there and delivers some great content on this show. If you are ready to follow in these guys footsteps and take over your marketplace, fill out the short form below and let’s talk. BTW, don’t forget to share this on your social media sites. 

 The One with Brandin Scharlin Garrett Finkelstein and Dan Ellis

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