Social Media Maniacs: The One with Cassiah Jay Ken Christian and Dan Klein

Posted on July 28, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Dan KleinWe had a great show this week with all sorts of important content. Nick and I were lucky enough to be joined by Dan Klein, Cassiah Jay and Ken Christian. Because of our guests business diversity, you get a chance to hear about social media and how it’s used across different levels. From fortune 500 companies to the solo-preneur, we’ve got you covered on this one.  

Dan Klein is a sharp dude. Each time he choses to speak on the show, the audience gets a great hack they can use in their marketing efforts. Dan tells us about his past business selling cars, how he got into local business marketing and why he’s so damned good at it. The simple sms text trick he shares, is worth watching the show for.                 


Cassiah JayCassiah Jay has been involved with internet marketing and social media for a decade. She works with large corporations from a consulting space. This longevity in the industry along with working for fortune 100 and 500 companies, you could easily say Cassiah knows her stuff. You can also tell she is extremely into what she does. She has a true passion for social media.


Ken ChristianKen Christian is a psychologist who helps adults who are under achieving reach their potential. Ken tells us about his career working with children all the way to adults. You can see the fire in his eyes when he talks about helping his clients. He goes on to tell us how social media has played a huge roll for him, in holding his clients accountable. All and all, we have another HAVE TO SEE episode on our hands. Be sure to share this, like it, tweet it or whatever. Just help us spread the word, so we can stay in business ;-)



The One with Cassiah Jay Ken Christian and Dan Klein

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