Social Media Maniacs: The One with Dionne Malush Chris Weaver and Bill Lyons

Posted on July 13, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This week, the focus of our hangout is real estate. Nick and I welcomed Chris Weaver, Dione Mulush and Bill Lyons on the show. Each of these real estate power players was invited on the show to bring insight and value to you, the audience. This is also the first show where we have had a guest chime in all the way from Thailand. The connection was a little sketchy, as you can imagine, but other than that, it was all good. 2013-07-13_11-46-22

Chris Weaver has sold 100s of millions of dollars in real estate over the course of his career. He has also recruited hundreds, if not thousands of active real estate agents into various brokerages. He’s coached, consulted and mentored some of the top agents in the real estate space. He also has a PHD in some form of fancy communication. The only bad part about having Coach Weave on the HOA is that his Thailand internet connection was slow.

Dionne Malush is an active Realtor in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania area with EXP Realty. She sells over 10 times the homes the average agent sells. She uses social media, online traffic and good old belly to belly skills to sell homes quickly and efficiently. During the show she tells us about how RE is changing and going to a more virtual business model.

Bill Lyons is the CEO of Revestor. Bill and I met after I saw him on an episode of ABCs Shark Tank. He braved the panel of Sharks and presented his awesome website/software program to them all. Revestor is a killer new tool you can use to help your Real Estate investors look for properties that fit their uniquely customized property guidelines. Bill joins us live from the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco.

These three experts talk about the current and future state of the industry as a whole. Chris teaches us the power of escaping and Dionne talks about social media strategies. Towards the end of the show Bill even offers to mentor a few people for free! This is a must see HOA if you are involved on any level with real estate.   Enjoy the show and don’t forget to show us some love and share this on social media.

The One with Dionne Malush Chris Weaver and Bill Lyons 

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