Social Media Maniacs: The One with Kevin Nations, Kelly Fidel and Garrett J White

Posted on June 23, 2013

Ryan Stewman



It’s apparent that our little Social Media Maniacs show which Nick and I were just having fun, running tests on, is here to stay. In just 6 short weeks we have already attracted many of the top names across many industries. This week’s show is no exception. Matter of fact, this week’s show is the most passionate one yet, thanks to GJW!  

Any time you can get Kevin Nations, Kelly Fidel and Garrett J White together, you know you are in for a good time. I’ve personally hung out with all 3 of them in Las Vegas for a few days this year and plan to see them again in September when we all hang in Hawaii. Last time the 4 of us were together, the brilliance flowed and I have molded my whole business model around what was discussed in Vegas. More importantly, I’ve hung out with Kelly twice now and she is kick ass to have a few drinks with.   Kevin Nations on Online Marketing Ideas

Nick and I get things started with asking Kevin what it is like to have changed the whole internet marketing industry. If you don’t know Kevin, he is the man who showed the light to and mentored Frank Kern, Mari Smith, Kate Buck and yours truly. When people decide to work with Kevin their life changed. I’m a first hand witness. He shares his motto on mentoring about 10 mins into the show.      

Kelly FidelNext up we get a chance to hear how Kelly Fidel attracts big money corporate clients to pay for consulting and done for you services. What you may not know about Kelly, is that she is the brains behind a lot of the big name internet marketers. She gives a few of her stealth corporate match up tips on the show. She also shows how much energy she still has at 8am in the morning.

            Garrett WhiteThen we get to Garret J White who will never let you down. After I asked Garret about his facebook ads campaign, he commenced to tell us pussies will never make it on facebook. If you have a bullshit product or program for sale, you fucking suck and the truth about you will be uncovered. Man I love this guy’s passion for what he does. He truly is a modern-day warrior.    

You gots ta check this week’s show out mane. You will NOT be disappointed.

The One with Kevin Nations, Kelly Fidel and Garrett J White


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