Social Media Maniacs: The one with Seth Larrabee

Posted on May 31, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Practice makes perfect. We are on week three of our Social Media Maniacs program and although we aren’t quite perfect, we are getting closer to starting on time! This week Nick hooked us up and made all fancy n shit. We got logos that make us look like friggin news anchors lol. I feel all professional, but who am I fooling?   Seth Larrabee

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Seth Larrabee while attending an event in San Diego. Although we had been connected for quite some time on facebook, I had never shaken his hand or had a phone call with him. So when we met, we decided to drink and pull some straight up shenanigans. Turns out, Seth can cut quite a rug.   After seeing Seth in his “groove-mode” I blackmailed him along with what may or may not have been two billion dollars. You see it’s a gray area. I have 50 trillion Zimbabwe Dollars for him. A deal is a deal, right? All joking aside, Seth and I have a lot in common and I asked him to come hangout with us and share some of his wisdom.  

Seth’s story truly is a bottom to top story. He went from being homeless, stricken with cancer and the loss of a father by suicide all the way to becoming one of the most influential people on facebook. He tells us about how he had to truly hit rock bottom to be able to bounce to where he is now. How could Seth help his clients, if he had never been in their shoes? That’s what makes a good mentor, someone who has been there and survived and willing to show you how to avoid the same mistakes.  

Seth Larrabee really brings it on this week’s HOA. I was totally expecting dick and stoner jokes but Seth shined through and really brought a message that needed to be heard and said. If you are not already connected with Seth be sure to send him a fb request. In the mean time, enjoy the hangout.

Seth Larrabee

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