Real Estate Agents can get massive exposure by creating a Social Media Syndicate

Posted on January 29, 2012

Ryan Stewman



syndicate 3The social media syndicate is hands down, the most powerful way to leverage social media ever! In order for it to work effectively, you must become a leader. You have to STEP UP and encourage while urging your referral partners to help you market your properties and products.

I use real estate agents in the video example below, but know that the syndicate works for all businesses. Let me give you a quick realtor example of how to leverage the power of social media.

As a realtor you have several different service providers that you sub work out to. These service providers include a loan officer, home inspector, home appraiser, general contractor, title company, and many, many more. All of these service providers want you, the realtor, to send them “deals”. All you want as a realtor is to sell more homes.

Realtors should have no less than 5 people in their social media syndicate. Every time a realtor takes on a new listing, the word should immediately go out to the title company and loan officer to share the listing. Chances are the LO and title co. do business with other LOs and realtors in the area, they may provide a buyer for you.

The coolest part about the syndicate is the ability to nail listing appointments. Imagine giving your listing presentation and with all of the cool stuff you already have, you tell your prospect in 100% complete confidence “I have a social media marketing system that is unmatched. I’m going to list your home for sale in front of 20,000+ people on facebook and linkedin.” That’s an edge.

If you want to know more about creating a social media syndicate, fill out the form below.

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