Somebody’s Got Your Money! Are You Gonna Go Get It?

Posted on March 10, 2021

Ryan Stewman



There are two types of people in this world when it comes to sales.
There are hunters and there are farmers.


Hunters are the high energy, go-getters who operate from an “I only eat when I kill something” mindset.
Farmers are the deep relationship builders who operate from the “If I build it they will come” mindset.
I’ve got love for both but this one is for the hunters out there who are constantly making things happen.
But the truth is, being a hunter comes with its downsides. There’s a cycle most hunters fall into. Once they have a great month in sales they feel “full and comfortable” so they let their foot off the gas. This leads to a down month where they have to spend the entire month building momentum again to achieve another great month.
It’s a sick cycle of riding the highs and lows which can exhaust even the greatest of hunters. But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be this way?
What if you could spearhead deals consistently, month in and month out, without having to spend more time doing it?
If you’re interested, keep reading. I’m going to give you the keys to the hunter’s kingdom.

If you want to eat then you’ve got to stay hungry.

There are two reasons the hunter salesman doesn’t experience consistent, high-producing months.
They either get complacent or they aren’t consistently growing their pipeline.
Fortunately, both are easy to fix if you’re willing to do the work.
Fixing complacency begins with preserving the feeling of being broke without actually being broke. See, when the pressure hits financially most hunters step up and close out like no other, but no one should have to live like that.
There is immense power in being able to focus that feeling into a weapon of mass production. So here’s a money mindset hack for you to use. Pay yourself just enough to get by each month while putting the rest of the money you made into a separate bank account. Your bills will be taken care of but whenever you see that notification that your funds are low in your personal account, it will kick in the true hunter in you to go out and make it happen. Nothing motivates you to call leads like feeling broke.
Fixing a pipeline issue is all about doing the work to make sure you’re bringing in leads to your ecosystem at all times. This is where most sales and business owners over-complicate the living daylights out of things. Here are the bare bones of what you need to start generating consistent leads online.
  1. An offer that provides value upfront to your ideal client/customer that you can use to collect their contact info.
  2. A Facebook group to nurture your leads in.
  3. Consistent online posting focused on entertainment, value, and the occasional pitch. Your prospects will have no problem hearing your pitch if you’re doing the other two things consistently.
If you’re looking for help with this then go snag Phonesites and a copy of “Social Media Millions” by Ryan Stewman.
Whether it’s getting your mind right or your leads tight, the difference between being a hunter and a farmer is this: Hunters know that “somebody’s got their money” and it’s up to them to provide enough value to get it.
Do the work, whether it’s with your mindset or your lead gen, and go get what you’re worth.
Until Next Time,

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