Speaking On The Main Stage At Win The Storm 2020 in Phoenix Arizona [Video]

Posted on July 06, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Recently I spoke in front of 3500+ people in Arizona at Win The Storm. Before I got on stage a Super Bowl Champion prayed with me over the phone.
I got on stage and changed lives, which is what I do best.
I walked the audience through what I call “The Elite Exercise” then taught them the most powerful daily routine in existence called “The GCode” or <G> for short.
This was a conference with tough-guy construction workers. After I got off stage many of them came up to me and told me I brought tears to their eyes and changed their lives.
Robert Kiyosaki and Brad Lea opened up for me, so needless to say this was a very big deal for me. Shout out to Win The Storm and Anthony Delmedico for letting me back on stage for the 2nd year in a row.
You’re gonna love this.

Speaking On The Main Stage at Win The Storm 2020 in Phoenix Arizona [Video]

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