Steadily Growing your Twitter Following Using the WordPress Plugin Tweetily

Posted on November 03, 2012

Ryan Stewman



A few weeks ago, I realized I was coming up on my 100th blog post. As I scrolled through all of my posts, I realized that the average visitor here does not come here to scroll. I started wondering how I could create a steady flow of traffic from social media without having to schedule 100 posts to go out.

The first place I looked was google of course. There were several paid services available but nothing really turned me on, if you know what I mean. I even put a post on facebook asking friends if they knew of anything I could use. None of my friends had any new ideas or softwares either. So I continued on with my search.   For a second there, I thought to myself “here is a need that I can create a product to fill” but then it hit me: I don’t know why I did not go to the wordpress plugins section of my blog and search for what was available. When I searched for “auto blog tweets” this plugin named “tweetily” appeared as the first item in the search. I quickly read the description and downloaded it.

About the time I downloaded it, I had 1900 and some change twitter followers. Two weeks later as I write this, I now have over 2,200 followers without following a single person first. Matter of fact, I have not followed most of them back. I did follow the ones that stood out and grabbed my attention. So in just a couple of short weeks I have gained over 200 target followers without any effort on my end.  

The coolest feature about tweetily, as you will see in the video, is the #hashtag feature. This feature automatically hashtags the tags you gave the blog post. For me and other keen bloggers, this is twitter SEO gold. All day everyday millions of twitter’s 500 million users are searching using the #hashtag symbol. When I write a blog post like this, I make sure to tag it with relevant twitter tags.

Another awesome feature is the random timing feature. This gives your tweets a more “human feel” to them, so that they don’t appear scheduled. As you will see in the video, it is easy to set the timer and test your settings. All in all, tweetily is a super easy plugin to use.

If you have a wordpress blog with quality content and you want to gain more exposure on twitter, this is the plugin for you. It was easy to install and is easy to navigate. One of the markers for knowing you have good content is the amount of re-tweets you get. If you are not getting re-tweeted enough, try switching up your #hashtags to a more relevant tag.   Enjoy the video:

Growing your Twitter Following Using the WordPress Plugin Tweetily


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