Story Time With Stewman: One Time On a Jet… | THC Podcast 250

Posted on February 10, 2022

Ryan Stewman



Welcome to Story Time with Stewman.  Besides having stellar and influential guests on The Hardcore Closer Podcast, Ryan shares stories from his past. 

Many of his stories are filled with: 

– Humor

– Lessons

– Insights

– And the most unbelievable sh#t you only see in movies. 

In today’s episode, Ryan takes you on his 2nd private jet trip he took to the Bahamas for a one-day mastermind with some friends and clients. 

It’s a story filled with sunshine in a tropical paradise backdrop, a private jet, 5 branches of the federal government (and one that’s not even identified), a German Shepard, sharp shooter, 2 felons, some “energy candy,” and a missing man. 

You’ll never watch Netflix again after you hear this story.  You’ll never hear anything more entertaining and action-packed than this edition of Story Time with Stewman. 


  •  What the “energy” candy really was 
  • The type of German Shepard that boarded the jet
  • What the pilot said when they wanted to do this one thing to his plane that would’ve cost $70,000
  • The 5 agencies that were waiting on the tarmac in Tampa when they landed 
  • What happened to the missing man
  • How many sharp shooters were on the plane. 
  • The first words Ryan said when he realized he thought he was going to jail.


This planet is based on an algorithm and with every positive action, there is an adverse reaction. 

Ryan Stewman rose and overcame a life of addiction, imprisonment, divorce, and circumstances that would break the spirit of the average human being. 

He went on to create a powerful network of winners and champions in life and business creating a movement quickly changing lives one day at a time. 

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