In this training video you’ll not only have several laughs, you’ll learn several selling strategies that have worked for me personally for years now. A great salesman can become a legend when he’s armed and put together with the right processes. Free Sales Training
First off we discuss how to follow up with Old Leads:
I’ll show you the exact script you can use to get back in front of old leads without coming across as some slimy salesman. Instead you’ll appear as you should appear – as a professional consultant.
Second you’ll learn how to control the selling conversation by using Questions:
I’ll show you how the use of questions can quickly escalate the amount of sales you close. You’ll learn what questions to ask and how to structure them to where you get the answers you’re looking for.
Third of all I’ll teach you the 5 emotions each prospect must experience in order for them to buy:
There’s five steps you must take each prospect though if you want them to fully enjoy the entire buying experience. Those five emotions are bonding, trust, interest, desire and acceptance. I’ll teach you how exactly you can walk a prospect though the 5 steps and close them like a pro.
After it’s all said and done you’ll hear the reasons why you need recurring sales training so you can arm yourself to the teeth like a south Texas doomsday prep’r.

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