Sustaining the Pressure to Keep Up with Market Demand

Posted on December 14, 2013

Ryan Stewman



There’s a lot of blog posts and programs out there that teach you to generate leads or sell more of your products, but there are very few that talk about keeping on top of your game when your stuff is in high demand. There’s a ton of info out there for people trying to make it big. But what about the people who are already playing BIG but and don’t want to lose it? 

You never know how it’s going to happen. I mean, we all think we KNOW how it’s going to happen but it never goes down the way we imagined. Most of the time it doesn’t even go down with the product or program we thought it would. Either way, it happens. It happens only with consistency, hard work and true expertise. What am I talking about? Success.  

When it rains it pours and nobody wants to hear you bitch about how much business you have. When you got it going on, you can’t let anyone know your weak spots either. You’re vulnerable. You take all the “How to get leads” and “How to close deals” courses but there’s no “how not to fuck this whole thing up” courses out there. I guess they figure if you got it going on, you don’t need help.

That’s not true!!!

Matter of fact, if you got it going on you need more help. More customers mean more work. More work from you, means you have less time spent somewhere else. Eventually you burn out, and if you’re lucky, you’re business doesn’t completely burn along with you. If you blow it, you will have to work 100 times as hard to get it back and you know how hard it was the first time. That’s if you even get another chance.  

A good example of this is me. I’m a salesman. Nothing more. Nothing less. I provide a solution to my prospects problems by the products that I produce and sell. Running a business is not my thing. I’m good at coaching people, training employees and creating products but taxes, paperwork and all that other shit makes my head hurt.  

Latelwork your ass offy my business has really taken off and market demand for my shit is at an all time high. I’m happy as Pepe Le Pew after he took that poor cat’s virginity in that cartoon he did that no longer airs. I’m so happy, I don’t want ANY of my clients to feel left out or not be as happy as me. Not that I’m some huge people pleaser, it’s just that I’m thankful this many people have trusted me to be a solution to some of their problems.

I don’t want to let them down.

So I do what I do best, and so far it’s working. I want to share with you what I’ve done so far and how I see it working for me long term. Maybe when you read this blog post it will shed some light on things for you. There was nothing like this when I was searching. You lucky bastard.  

The first thing I can tell you is “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” If you’re the best say it. You need to also clarify what the best is. Your definition, and your prospects definition, may be different. Best example of this is, if you’re the best coach but your prospect thinks that means you’re gonna do everything FOR them. You gotta make sure everything is talked about up front. Better to lose a sale, then fuck up your entire image you’ve built.  

That brings me to the second point. Don’t be afraid to turn down a sale. When I’m on a sales call, I’m trying to sniff out reasons not to take someone on. After all, I’m the best. I don’t need a whiny, bitchy, crybaby killing my vibe. A loser is going to be a loser 99% of the time. We can’t change that. You’ve got to focus on working with ONLY people who will 100% win with what you do.  

With that being said the third and final most important piece of advice I can give you to maintain a sustainable business after you’re busy, is to stay on top of shit. Don’t take more than you can handle. I operate with a “no one gets left behind” attitude. If one of my clients texts, calls, fb messages me or anything else, I’m on it. I may not be able to do what they need right that second, but I acknowledge they need me, and set an expectation of when we/I can get it for them. I’ve found that the better you communicate, the better your clients love you. That means being there for them 100% of the time.  

Maybe after another stellar year of doing this stuff I’ll create a course on how to really maintain. It wouldn’t be right for me to teach a complete course now. I’ve not had the mojo long enough, in my opinion.  

The three principles I shared with you are iron clad. They are definitely not everything you need, but I can promise if you fuck any of the three up, you will go down eventually.

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