Techniques Realtors Can Use To Triple Their Twitter Exposure

Posted on August 13, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Twitter is ranked number 8 of all the websites, in all of the web, and there are billions of websites on the web. With that being said, do YOU think twitter is a big deal?

IT IS! [in case you thought otherwise]   There are over 140 million users on twitter and 340 million tweets a day. That’s a busy site, with a lot of noise. You can totally use twitter to grow your brand in ways that facebook will never allow.

But I know, you don’t have time. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know what the hell a #hashtag is. It’s all overwhelming, and you haven’t taken the time to learn twitter, or its etiquette.

Well, I CAN say this; Action takers run shit. If you are not the first one to set a presence on twitter, your competition will be. The people using twitter are a different audience than facebook users. Even if they were the same audience, you stand a better chance of reaching someone on twitter, than on facebook. Why, you ask? THERE IS NO SIDE BAR OF DOOM on Twitter.

To make your life easy, I came up with techniques realtors can use to triple their twitter exposure. These techniques are easy, and effective. All you have to do; is DO something.

Twitter is important. You need to make it important to you, before your competition makes it important to them. If you start now, and continue to keep a presence on twitter, I promise, consistency will carry you to a new level on there.   Here’s a quick video showing you proven ways to engage on twitter. 



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