Tomorrow is my bird day. I will be 47. Shut up, I know. Sooo close to 50. I am reflecting today on this year. On this journey and how so much is so different.

But I need to give you a little background to help you understand the context…

In Jan 2015, I had nothing.

We were living in a rented farmhouse after losing our house a year prior.

I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis (TM), a sister disease to MS, which we now know was caused by long-term Lyme. TM ate a hole in my spinal cord and I still have episodes of temporary paralysis when my electrical system short circuits.

I had lost what I thought was my dream job working as a marketing manager for a regional furniture company. I wrote and created all day and drank coffee…and then I couldn’t walk without holding onto the walls and I had to be driven home. I cried in the parking lot as I became crippled in front of all the other employees.

I had no health insurance and no way to work.


Then everything else started falling apart.

My middle kid had to go live with his dad because he has special academic needs and I wasn’t well enough to help him. I sent him off with homemade turkey soup in a thermos and a downpour of tears amid gripping guilt that I had failed as a mother.

But I could only stay awake for part of the day. I shook and my muscles spasmed. I was so exhausted I would tremble all the time.

My relationship started straining at the seams. My man was angry and scared. I didn’t blame him. His lady was getting worse and worse and everything was changing for him, too.

I was free-falling and unsure when the disease would come back. Would it kill me? It was a very dark time.

I did everything I could to get my marketing business off the ground and was doing pretty well. Sometimes, I had to work lying down because I couldn’t sit up. I landed a national hotel chain and went on to write for them for three years. I was the main earner and had to feed the kids. There was no other choice.

Then I met Ryan, and EVERYTHING changed.

Everything he told me to do for him, I did for my company.

He got into my head after editing so much content–and we are going on three years+ now.

Last year, I hired him as my coach and that’s when my life became UNRECOGNIZABLE.

  • My medical bills are paid off.
  • I’m in Lyme treatment which I never would’ve been able to afford. And It. Is. Working. I am getting better. I now know what makes me sicker.
  • I am a homeowner! My husband and I are in our dream house that is on a pond and that fills me with such peace every day. It looks like a lagoon.
  • I have a new Jeep and am driving again after not driving for three years. But ha! I still have the best parking in the land since I will have a placard forever.
  • We have all new furniture in our house paid for in cash.
  • I am taking a trip with Mom to NYC in a couple of weeks to hang with my Broadway producer client, and some massively important people in my life, like baller Tomas Keenan.
  • I have written over 200 blogs, been published on sites like Yahoo, Huff, and Entrepreneur and edited thousands more for Ryan and as an editor for The Good Men Project.
  • Wrote a bestselling book that was carried In B&N nationwide and airports
  • The abundance keeps coming. I am digging into processes to keep growing this company after stumbling on a new business model that allows authors to keep publishing without getting gouged on prices. Their product is beautiful and their pain points are resolved.
  • My husband and I are better than ever. Our three-year wedding anniversary is also tomorrow.

Sometimes, I can’t put into words what I have learned from Ryan. I think there is a matter of osmosis to a degree. Being around such positivity. Being around such fearless leadership. Being around such an accountable person who holds firm when you fuck up and doesn’t fill your head with what you want to hear. Being in a network of people who push you and are happy to see you succeed.

I am so incredibly grateful for you, Ryan Stewman. I never ever thought I would be here in my life. Now I know I can do anything. I can give the middle finger to Lyme disease and any and all limitations that want to hunt me down and cripple my life.

Thank you.

For anyone else on the fence of joining, show them this.

I am a living testimonial that it doesn’t matter what is haunting your head, or trying to hold you back.

Do what Ryan–your coach–says. Don’t question it. Just put in the work and do that over and over and over again. Don’t skip around from industry to industry. Do the work to become the expert.

Your life will be unrecognizable, too.

Have a beautiful day. I’m getting back to editing Ryan’s 10th book and what I know will be a bestseller.

Love you guys. Xo