I’ve built or bought over twenty companies, currently own over a dozen, and through our national business brokerage I’ve helped others buy and sell countless more. I followed Ryan Stewman for years, figuring out if he was someone I wanted to learn from directly and plug into the ecosystem and program known as Apex. I have no interest in overnight “magic pill” type deals that fake gurus hype up. So if programs can’t deliver and KEEP delivering, then I don’t make time for them and I sure don’t invest in them. Apex is one of the very few programs that has lived up to the expectations and what I need to continue to scale. In the years I’ve been with Apex all of my companies have scaled, and so has my life. I’ve literally done things I didn’t realize were possible – like owning planes, taking off even more time for family, and continuing to buy or build more companies! Thank you Apex, and thank you Ryan Stewman!