Last year, I invested with Ryan Stewman to join his Apex program. Now, they say scared money doesn’t make money, and until now I thought they were full of shit. But it’s true. I was terrified to hand someone I’ve never met before my own fucking hard earned money. When Ryan and I talked on the phone, he asked me what my goals were. I told him I’d like to get to $100k a year. And he laughed at me.The fucking asshole laughed at me, and said that’s it?! I’ll get you to a million. Then I laughed. Thought to myself, “yea, OkAy…” But he told me if I followed his program and out in the work that I’d see the results. It wouldn’t be overnight, but if I stuck with it, shit would seemingly happen.So me being tired of beating my head against the wall and expecting different results, I took the leap and joined. Now, I’m a huge fan of actual results and evidence to support them. So, I took my QuickBooks reports, comparing last year to this year. The results speak VOLUMES about what hard work, believing in yourself, and trusting the process. I went from $67k to 123k within the year. I’m not being some brown nosing fan boy. I’m being real with y’all and sharing MY results. Can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store for us!