Apex entourage is where it is at! Classes on demand to watch, Podcast, Coaching, Mentoring, and networking all in one. I mean where do you get to get around so much positive people who all join’s together to help each other win. The first year I watched and soaked it all in. I mean I wanted more out of my profession. ( I am an Financial Advisor) I have to find all my leads. I went from an annual income of $48K in 2016 and in 2017 I crossed 6 figures for the first time my life. All I did was learn to generate leads and that was a game changer for me. Second I learned material that was foreign to me like social media marketing. Third I learned to leverage the Apex community to network and pass referrals to each other. All in all well worth the price I paid to be apart of this group. Ryan is someone that has life hit em and he hits back harder. No one is responsible for your success except you. You can whine about success or go make your success. Surround yourself with Ryan and the Apex Entourage and you too will level up.