THC Podcast 019: The 5 Phase Selling System That Will Close You More Sales

Posted on July 18, 2016

Ryan Stewman



One common trait the top sales performers in any industry have is a selling system that they follow to a “T” time and time again. 

They know their system so well they could do it in their sleep or blindfolded for that matter. 

You could be a monster when it comes handling customer objections but once you implement a selling system instead of grasping to and depending on random closing techniques and word tracks. 

In this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast” (THC) Ryan Stewman is going to hold your hand through his 5 phase selling system that will close you more sales immediately. 

The 5 Phase Selling System That Will Close More Prospects


1. Bonding

Bonding with your prospect is your first step and is probably the easiest step to accomplish. 

Now do not get it twisted, just because it is the easiest does not mean it is any less important than the other steps. 

In this podcast episode, Ryan Stewman reviews the 3 main things that prospects/people bond over and how knowing these 3 will help you bond even faster with your prospects. 

2. Trust

So after your prospect has bonded with you, the next step is to get them to realize you are not full of crap, but in fact, you are genuine and authentic. 

The only way a prospect is going to open up their wallet with you is if they trust you. 

In this podcast session, Ryan drops his favorite hacks that will help you build authentic trust with your prospects which of course will lead to more sales. 

3. Interest 

Ok, so now your prospect has bonded with you and trusts you it is time to get them interested. 

Your prospect needs to be interested in receiving the results your previous customers did and Ryan delivers his go-to tactics for making this happen in this episode of THC. 

4. Desire

Next step in this selling system is your prospects desire. You have to get their mouth watering for what you are selling, right? 

Fear not, Rev. Ryan Stewman will drop some of his fav’s to building high levels of desire within his prospects that you can easily put into action like yesterday. 

5. Offer

The last phase in this sales closing system is the “offer”. 

It is important that you craft and package your offer in a creative detailed way. The offer is the most important phase in the system so it is important you come extra correct when delivering it. 

Get Ryan’s best tips and direction for presenting your offer to prospects that causes their mouth to drop and beg to sign up on the line which is dotted. 


Creating Your Selling System To Close More Sales

Feel free to tweak and adjust any of this information to ensue you are providing a custom tailored experience for your prospects and most importantly on a consistent basis. 

Once you have crafted a selling system that works for you and your prospects just rinse and repeat. Every time, with every prospect, without fail, and no questions asked. 

Doing that will unlock more sales and get you even closer to your true earning potential. 

Go out and put it in action and let Ryan know in comments below your feedback. 

Listen to THC Podcast here:

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