THC 110: 5 Ways To Avoid Hitting Upper Limits

Posted on May 01, 2018

Ryan Stewman



A goal is not a limit, it’s a stepping stone towards the next goal, not an upper limit.

Once you hit a goal doesn’t mean you fall back and chill. No way.

When you hit a goal it’s not a limit it’s the path to the next level.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going deep into limits ing life and in business and how living a life with “no limits” like Master P is the path to massive success.

5 Ways To Avoid Hitting Upper Limits

1. Believe

You have to believe in you and that you have what it takes and deserve everything that’s coming your way.

You have to believe you deserve everything in the world. You need to believe you deserve everything you want in this world.

Believing in yourself and that you are in fact worthy is your first step.

Stewman goes deeper into the power of believing in you, inside this episode.

2. Earn It

You can avoid upper limits by earning it.

When you earn something, you worked for it, so that makes us think we deserve it so we keep it.

Whether you think you deserve something or not when you earn it and know you earned it, you will realize that you deserved it.

You didn’t earn the lottery ticket you won with.

How do you know when you genuinely earned it? Dial into this full episode and hear for yourself. It’s powerful.

3. Remove The Restraints

If something is holding you back and putting limits on you, remove that restraint!

What holds you back is a restraint so if you are aware of a restraint you gotta cut it loose.

In this episode Ryan talks more about identifying your restraints and then removing them.

4. Ask Yourself Why

Always, always, ALWAYS… ask yourself why???

Always ask yourself why, because the second you stop questioning yourself is when things stop happening for you.

The why is rarely about money. Even when people think it’s about money it never is.

In this “THC Podcast” episode, Ryan Stewman goes into the power of asking yourself why and why it’s something you need to be doing.

5. Fight The Force Of Average

Every day you and I show up, the force of average is fighting hard to bring us down.

The force of average is trying to kick you down and is doing nothing but working against you.

The force of average is designed to make you feel you don’t have a chance to succeed.

The force of average wants to question everything you want in life and make you skeptical.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about the force of average and how you can fight it and win!

5 Ways To Avoid Hitting Upper Limits

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