THC Podcast 023: Hardcore Closer’s Go-To Online Resources That Make Money

Posted on August 16, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Every business whether it is an online business, offline business or both, have a list of resources, tools of the trade that are used daily as an important part of the business. 

At we utilize several different resources that quite frankly would have a hard time running the business without. 

Ryan Stewman gets asked all the time “what are your favorite go-to resources for building and running your business,” so we decided to create this post and an episode of THC Podcast.

These are the top 5 resources used to run, grow and generate revenue for

Team Hardcore Closer’s Go-To Online Resources That Make Money

1. Leadpages

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.11.18 AM

This is the go-to landing page and list building software regardless of your experience level. 

Leadpages is designed for anyone to use and it is really just that. 

Leadpages gives you access to hundreds of proven web page templates that you can literally point and click to customize. 

Team Hardcore Closer uses Leadpages to build the following web pages:

  • Sales Pages
  • Email Opt-In Pages
  • On Page Opt-In Pop-Ups (yea pop-ups still convert)
  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Webinar Live Broadcast & Recording Pages
  • Landing Pages For Facebook Ads

Leadpages is a must for anyone trying to generate leads online.

The learning curve for Leadpages is minimal, so you can be banging out custom pages to generate more leads right away. 

Show some love and sign up for Leadpages at Ryan’s exclusive link:

Get You Some Leadpages In Your Life Click Here

2. Aweber

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.11.59 AM

Aweber is a favorite over at Hardcore Closer HQ. 

Aweber is an email list building, auto-responder, and email marketing software all wrapped into one. 

When someone opts-in/enters their contact information, Aweber is the resource that captures that information, adds that individual to whatever list it is they opted-in for and sends them any emails you have set-up for them to receive. 

Tapping into a resource like Aweber gives you the tools to communicate and build relationships with the people who opt-in to your online forms, pretty much on auto-pilot. 

AWeber is super user-friendly but for whatever reason, you hit a snag,  it ain’t nothing! AWeber’s support team is very quick and insanely helpful. 

There are a lot of similar programs like Aweber out there, but Aweber is easy to use, priced right and freaking works! 

Put AWeber To Work For You And Click Here To Learn More And Get Started.

3. Click Funnels

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.23.32 AM

Unless this is your first time here, you know team Hardcore Closer is all about building lead generating funnels that drum up sales leads pretty much on auto-pilot. 

The best software in the world for creating online funnels is Click Funnels

With just a few clicks of your computer’s mouse, Click Funnels will lay out the exact web pages for your funnel. 

After that, all you have to do is point and click to edit and customize these pages with your content. 

Click Funnels makes it easy to generate and deploy as many online funnels to the worldwide web as you please. The more funnels you have cranking online in your marketplace the more you are going to get paid. 

Another way team Hardcore Closer utilizes Click Funnels to make money is by building membership sites. 

Click Funnels gives you the ability to not just build the sales funnel to sell a membership site/digital product, it also is packing all the tools you need to build your membership site and sell it. 

If you have had any experience launching digital courses/membership sites you will understand the value of only needing one software to make it happen. 

Start Deploying Lead & Sales Gen Funnels To The Worldwide Web Now Click Here.

4. Lead Pops

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.47.16 AM

LeadPops is a must have for anyone in the real estate, insurance or mortgage business. 

LeadPops builds digital experiences that are designed to convert you more leads. 

They will build you a proven plug-and-play lead generating funnel that will provide you with the real information you need from a prospect, not just a name and email. 

Ryan Stewman recommends this product to every member of his exclusive Break Free Academy

LeadPops is not the cheapest software but it is well worth the investment. It delivers results but unfortunately at this time only if you are selling homes, mortgages or insurance. 

Get A Huge Pop In Your Sales Numbers From LeadPops Click Here And Learn More

5. PipeDrive

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.12.40 AM

Pipedrive is the CRM of choice for the team at Hardcore Closer.

Any opt-in that AWeber captures from any of the online funnels and web pages will automatically pull the individuals contact information over to Pipedrive, assign to a member of the sales team, then notify that salesperson that they have a new lead.  

Pipedrive is extremely easy to use, priced right, and will make your follow-up process with prospects a piece of cake and let’s face it, follow-up is where the money is.

Start Building Your Pipeline And Following-Up With Your Leads Like A Boss. Click Here Learn More.

Now That You Know The Tools Of The Trade

Ok, so now you know the tools and resources you need to make things happen to increase your sales and grow your business. 

Do you want to learn step by step how to make these tools operate together and how you can utilize them the exact same way the top performers do? 

Well, you need to check out Ryan Stewman’s legendary digital academy… Check out Breakfree Academy Digital, Click Here.

Listen To This Episode Of THC Podcast:

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