THC Podcast 024: 7 Questions Salespeople Can Ask That Will Close More Deals

Posted on August 17, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Our fearless leader Ryan Stewman has said it a million times “questions lead to confessions”. A professional salesperson knows the right questions to ask and how to ask them.

Do you?

Keep in mind that there are no magic questions to ask that work every time, but there are questions you can ask that are more effective than most.

In this episode of The Hardcore Closer (THC) Podcast Ryan is going to review 7 questions that provide clarity to show your prospects how bad they really need the product/service you are selling.

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7 Questions Salespeople Should Ask That Will Close More Deals

What drove you to reach out to me?

This is Stewman’s go-to opener question and it is perfect for anyone handling inbound phone or internet leads.

People tend to be indecisive so getting them to make a such a small decision like answering this question will start you down the road to a sale. 

If everything works out perfect according to your plan, what does the outcome look like?

This is a very powerful question.

When a prospect answers this question you will know everything that you need to make happen so they will buy from you.

Deliver them the same outcome as they described in their answer and it’s a wrap!

What is your end goal in working with me?

How many times have you seen a sale (whether it being you or another salesperson)unwind at the last minute because of something not being crystal clear to the prospect?

This question will help you be crystal clear on the prospects goal while working with you. It works best when you ask this question directly after “if everything works out perfect according to your plan, what does the outcome look like?”

How much effort are you willing to put in to accomplish this result?

Do you really want lazy clients? You don’t want to be doing all the work and your prospect doing none at all do you? I know right? No one does!

If you are servicing a market that it requires effort from your clients in order for them to get the designed results from your product/service, you are going to want to prescreen potential clients.

Sniff these prospects out like a bloodhound by dropping this question on them.

Have you tried to fix this before? If so, what did you do and how did it work?

Find out what your prospect might have done to solve their problem that didn’t work out and half your job is already done.

You now know what not to do, what isn’t going to work, and that goes a long way.

Using this question also will reaffirm to the prospect how much they need your help.

How bad do you want to solve this problem you have?

If a prospect is not motivated to solve their problem, you can bet they won’t be motivated by the solution you are offering.

Again, if you are selling a service/product that will require action/work from the client, you can bet they won’t be motivated enough to follow through with it. Then you have a whole new problem.

Asking this question can help you hone in on your prospects motivation.

Would you like my help solving your problem?

This is the killer close!

If the prospect wasn’t interested in your help, they wouldn’t be there.

After your prospect understands your offer and everything you can do for them, it is time to swoop in with this question.

When they say “yes” you then lay the cost on them and finalize the deal. Just like that.

Ask Your Prospects The Right Questions And You Will Close More Deals

It is not about just asking questions, it is about asking the right questions.

As we touched on earlier in this post there is no list of magic questions that will get the job done consistently.

The seven questions above do not always work in every sales scenario, but they are super effective and work in most cases.

Get out there and give them a whirl.

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