THC Podcast 030: How To Leverage Local Facebook Groups To Close More Sales

Posted on September 30, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Facebook is one of the most valuable platforms for salespeople and entrepreneurs to build their brand, build their business and drive leads.

One of the most valuable features Facebook brings to the table are Facebook groups. Especially local Facebook groups.

Local Facebook groups are chalked full of individuals in your primary marketplace that are already using the same products or services you offer.

Ryan Stewman will be the first to tell you how that Facebook groups are the real deal and if you are not tapping into this resource you are leaving bags of money on the table.

In this episode of THC Podcast Ryan Stewman shows you how you can start sinking your teeth into local Facebook groups to help you increase your sales and grow your business like a weed.

How To Leverage Local Facebook Groups To Close More Sales

Why Local Facebook Groups?

Whether you are the Facebook groups creator, an admin or just a member, local Facebook groups are an invaluable lead generation opportunity that salespeople in any industry are missing the boat on.

In this episode of THC Podcast, the Head Closer In Charge Ryan Stewman explains why local Facebook groups are killer channels to build your exposure, make connections, enhance your credibility and of course make you more sales.

How To Find Local Facebook Groups And What To Look For Before Joining?

First things first you will need to find local Facebook groups that the members of the group are the kind of individuals you want to do business with.

When looking for the right local Facebook groups to invest your time in you will want to look for a few key items, so you know it is a Facebook group you want to be in.

Ryan drops his go-to tips for filtering through the crappy groups so you can hone in on the local Facebook groups that will be worth your time and effort.

Want to start your own local Facebook Group? Watch this tutorial video below:

What To Do When You First Join

First impressions are everything, especially on the web.

When you join a local Facebook group, you want to deliver a powerful first impression that will attract individuals to you rather than repel.

You want to make a strong first impression from the gate, or it could be a long road to seeing any positive results from your Facebook group efforts.

Ryan Stewman covers the exact process you should do once you find the right local Facebook group and become a member.

Click this video below to learn how to prospect using Facebook Groups app:

What To Post And When.

If you are a member of any Facebook group, you have seen that individual that just doesn’t get it and are posting self-serving spam. Don’t be that guy.(or gal)

What you post on a local Facebook group is the main factor to whether or not you will see any success or make any sales from the group.

Just like in the offline world there is a right way and wrong way to engage with individuals.

In this episode you will learn what kind of posts you should be focused on and also find out what is generally acceptable and what is not.

How To Connect With Other Members

The reason you are investing time into local Facebook groups is, of course, to connect with more individuals that are using or need to be using the products/services you offer.

Like anything else, there is a wrong way and right way to reach out and connect with members of the group on an individual basis.

If you do it the wrong way, no one will connect with you which intern means they won’t buy a thing from you.

Ryan lays it out on a silver platter for you the best ways to reach out and connect with individual members of the group so you can start building a one on one relationship with them.


Start Tapping Into Local Facebook Groups To Make More Sales

Digging in and implementing a strategy for local Facebook groups will only require a small piece of your day if you follow the roadmap Ryan Stewman delivers in this THC Podcast episode.

Be patient, be calculated and deliver value to the group and the other members will start to notice you and see you as the expert that you are.

You will start to build relationships; then you will build trust, and we all know what that leads to…A sale!!


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