THC Podcast 032: 5 Tips For Salespeople To Generate Sales Leads With Facebook Ads

Posted on October 09, 2016

Ryan Stewman



A lot of chatter going on online in groups like Sales Talk With Sales Pros and others regarding Facebook ads.

Salespeople all over, in every industry are looking for tips and tactics to get better results out of their Facebook ad efforts and drive more leads.

Who can blame though right? There are hundreds of millions of people are on Facebook so generally, it’s a breeding ground for sales leads.

Now how do you generate sales leads on autopilot with Facebook ads? Funny you should ask…

Ryan Stewman has generated well over seven figures from his own Facebook ad campaigns and has also helped other do the same, and in this episode, he is going to show you how. 

If you are interested in generating quality targeted leads in your marketplace, you are going to love this THC Podcast episode.

Let’s do this!

5 Tips To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads

1. Naming Your Facebook Fan Page

What you name your Facebook fan page is more important than you may think.

This is a mistake salespeople and entrepreneurs seem to make on a consistent basis. In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman will debunk the myths when it comes to naming your Facebook fan page.

Ryan covers in this episode:

  • How salespeople are doing this wrong
  • How to really name your fan page
  • Why you want to name it something else other than your name

Want to be more magnetic on Facebook? Check out this training video:

2. Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

When it comes to Facebook ads, if your targeting is wrong it doesn’t matter how great your ad or offer is, it will most likely flop.

Facebook’s ads manager gives you the tools to target in on specific individuals in your marketplace so you can place the right ad in front of the right people at the right time.

Here is what you can expect to learn about Facebook ad targeting in this episode:

  • How big should your target audience be
  • Tips on what interests, demographics, etc. to target
  • How much you should be spending per Facebook ad

Get super productive and deploy Facebooks anywhere, anytime from your phone:

3. Headline & Ad Copy

Crafting your headline and ad copy is most likely going to be what you invest most of your time on when it comes to your Facebook ads.

If the copy in your ad doesn’t feel like it is speaking directly to your target audience chances are the offer/call to action in your ad will do the same.

Learn Ryan Stewman’s top tips for crafting compelling Facebook ads:

  • How to craft an effective headline
  • How to craft compelling copy for the body of the ad
  • Creating an attractive offer/call to action

Learn the system to lead generation with Facebook ads:  

4. The Image

We are living in a visual society and when it comes to the noisy, cluttered and fast Facebook newsfeed, it is important to make your Facebook ad stand out in the busy newsfeed.

One of the best ways to do that is through your Facebook ads image.

It is important to use the correct size image and more importantly one that will resonate with your targeted audience.

Ryan Stewman will breakdown in this episode the following:

  • What to look for when picking your image
  • What size should your image be
  • Best resources to find good ad images

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5. Creating A Funnel

Running Facebook ad campaigns without a system in place to capture your targeted audiences contact information is a must do.

You need to have a funnel in place for every Facebook ad campaign you deploy if you are looking to generate more leads.

Your funnel is how you capture these individuals contact information.

Expect to learn in this episode:

  • Best tools/resources for creating funnels
  • How to easily set up your funnel
  • How your funnel spits out leads

You can check out all the resources and tools I stand behind for building out funnels and more by clicking here.

Here is some more funnel training if you are interested:

Start Generating Local Leads With Facebook Ads Now

This THC Podcast is a blueprint for executing Facebook ad campaigns the right way, that will drive the results you are looking for.

This episode delivers the plan for you on a silver platter, it is on you now to take action.

Are you going to take action?

Let us here about your results in the comment section below.


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