THC Podcast 033: 7 Reasons Sales Is The Greatest Opportunity In The World

Posted on October 18, 2016

Ryan Stewman



If you have ever worked in an industry/company that had salespeople and at least at this time you were not part of the sales team, I bet you sat back and envied those salesmen.

When you are in sales, you don’t have to a lot of the grunt work or get your hands dirty at all for that matter, and the best part is you are making money.

What industry other than sales can you make your rules, make big money and do your own thing?

Exactly, there is none!

In this THC Podcast episode, The Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman blasts you with seven reasons sales is the best opportunity out there.

7 Reasons Sales Is The Best Opportunity To Make Big Money

#1. Make Your Own Rules

When you are the rainmaker in the sales industry, you can in most cases come and go as you please.

When you are a top producer in sales, you are practically above the law. If you are putting numbers on the board, you can pretty much tell management to piss off, and chances are they just might do so.

The more sales you make equals the more money you make, which then leads to making your rules.

This reality might make some of you mad, but that is on you because this is the reality.

#2. No Ceiling On Your Income

Sales is a eat what you kill the environment. It is like the wild wild west for real.

The beautiful part of the sales industry is you have total control over how much money you can make.

Being sales gives you the opportunity to earn exactly what you are worth, which is way better than working for a salary.

A salary puts a ceiling and cap on how much you are going to make, but when you are in sales and working for commissions sky is the limit.

#3. Your Customers Love You

When you are a professional salesperson, you are dedicated to solving your client’s problems. You are a problem solver.

When you help a client efficiently solve their problem they will be head over heels in love with you, and I don’t care who you are, that feels good.

The more clients you connect with and commit to solving their problem in the most efficient way possible, the more of your clients will love you.

The more your clients love you, the more business they will do with you and send you.

#4. Employer Loves You

Look it’s simple math, the more money you make for your boss/company, the more they will love you. FACT!

When your employer loves you, it allows you to freely do what we discussed above in number one “make your rules.”

Why is it you see upper management or CEO’s roll into the office fist bumping or handing out high fives to members of the sales team but rarely the office manager?

When you are a rainmaker that is putting up strong sales numbers, your bosses will have mad love for you. For sure.

#5. Get To Travel

Depending on what industry you are selling to you may have the option to hit the road to some pretty cool places around the world for work.

If your company has a big meeting, presentation or even trade show/convention, who do you think they are going to want there representing the company?

The top dog sales closer of course.

Nothing is better than getting to see different cities and parts of the world while you out there closing deals and making things happen.

#6. Meet New People Daily

If you are in sales, and you are successful, I’d bet the farm (that’s if I owned a farm) you are a people person.

If you are going to close a sale, ethically you need to know, like and understand people. What I mean when I say “liking people” I am referring to the idea of connecting with, bonding and solving another person problem.

In sales you do not need more leads, you need to connect with more people. The more people you meet, the more people the person you just met will introduce you to.

It’s a beautiful thing. Meeting new people on a regular basis is the formula to growing a thriving sales pipeline. 

#7. Lots Of Connections

Everyone want to know a salesperson they can trust. A trustworthy salesperson also has a Rolodex full of other trustworthy salespeople on their networks.

People love to have “a guy” for everything.

From cars to loans, to homes, to tech gadgets, and heck even drugs.

When clients trust you, they know you know people and they know those people you know are as awesome as you are.

How Much Do You Love Your Job In Sales?

So, how much do you love your job in sales? The more money you make at your sales job, the more you will love your gig in sales.

What are you willing to do to increase your production and sales?

Are you ready to step up, take action and OWN your career in sales?

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