THC Podcast 035: How To Generate Leads And Close Sales With Instagram

Posted on October 29, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Instagram is not only an awesome social network, but it is also a powerful resource to make sales.

The top dog at Hardcore Closer Headquarters Ryan Stewman has spent a lot of time and money learning how to leverage Instagram to make sales, and at this point he has it mastered.

In episode 35 of THC Podcast, Ryan is going to share with you (because he has love for you like that) his top tips for using Instagram to generate leads and sales.

How To Make Sales Using Instagram


Using The Contact Button

Instagram business pages have added a “contact button” on each profile that makes it a cinch for users to reach out.

The user just needs to click the contact button and they can automatically call or email the business.

Use the contact button to reach out to potential prospects and also use your posts to drive users to your contact button via a strong call to action.

Learn in this episode how Ryan Stewman leverages the new business profile contact button on Instagram.

Track Your Profile Insights

Leverage your Instagram profile insights to help you craft better posts and distribute them at the right time in front of the right people.

Ryan is quick to admit he isn’t a big “insights/numbers guy” but he does use his profile insights to make more sales with Instagram.

Promote Posts

The marriage between Facebook and Instagram has made Instagram a serious player in the social media advertising world.

Not only that, Instagram makes it easy to promote any post or video post.

Listen in this episode to how Ryan has implemented Instagram ads into his arsenal and started making sales from them.

Direct Message

Ryan will tell you, he has made multiple six figures this year alone using Instagram direct messages.

When someone reaches out to Ryan via direct messages he uses a simple system he created called CATCH to convert them to sales.

In this THC Episode, he will break down his CATCH system so you can put it in action right now.

Promote Your Profile

In order to sell anyone anything they need to know who the hell you are first.

Investing in promoting your Instagram profile will provide you more opportunities to connect with buyers.

Promoting your profile with a compelling call to action will help you bag some sales.

Ryan Stewman lays out his profile promotion process in this episode of THC Podcast.

Reply To Comments

The fact people ignore and don’t engage with the comments on their Instagram posts is insane.

Engagement is what leads to relationships, which relationships we all know lead to sales.

Kick the conversations off in the comments section and close the deals using direct messages.

Listen to this THC Podcast episode for Ryan’s hardcore tips on how he replies to comments and transitions to direct messaging.

Thank People For Liking Your Posts

Connecting with and thanking individuals who take the time to like your posts positions you in front of them (again) and allows you to digitally shake their hand so to speak.

Something as simple as thanking someone who likes your posts gets the ball rolling on building a relationship which is the last step before a sale happens.

Ryan touches on how thanking individuals who like your posts will lead to more sales.

Shoot At Least One Video Per Week

Instagram allows you to record and post videos up to 60 seconds long to your profile.

The Instagram newsfeed has more love for video posts than photo posts and will position your video posts in front of more people.

By this stage of the game you already know how powerful video is and that everyone loves it, especially short ones like 60 seconds.

Learn from Ryan Stewman how he uses Instagram videos to generate more leads and make more sales.

Create 5-10 Stories Per Week

One of the newest features from Instagram is the story features.

The story features allows you to post 10-second clips like Snapchat and then it compiles as your story for the next 24 hours.

One or more story posts a day gives you more opportunities to be in front of prospects.

Ryan shares his favorite tactics for using the new Instagram story feature to close more sales.

Social Media Is Getting Bigger And Bigger

Social media is where all the eyes and ears are and those eyes and ears are all attached to buyers.

Are you getting your fair share of new business from social media channels like Instagram?

Put into action the tactics and strategies Ryan laid out on a silver platter for you, and you will start getting your share.


Listen To THC Podcast Episode 35:


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