THC Podcast 039: How To Become A Million Dollar Closer

Posted on November 28, 2016

Ryan Stewman



There are over 7 billion people in the world and yet only 257,000 or so of them are earning seven figures every 12 months.

Most millionaires reach millionaire status by investing and saving their money.

There is a difference between being a millionaire and being a million dollar closer.

A million dollar closer is someone who earns seven plus figures in commissions in a 12 month period.

I am not referring to someone who sells millions of dollars worth of product; we are talking about the individual who is earning a million dollars in straight commissions.

Now I am sure you might be thinking you can’t make a million dollars in commissions selling what you do, but if you stop thinking small, you most certainly can.

In this episode of THC Podcast “the million dollar closer” Ryan Stewman is going to share with you how no matter what you are selling you too can be a million dollar closer.

How To Be A Million Dollar Closer

1. Million Dollar Mentality

If you want to be a million dollar closer, you will have to shift your mindset to thinking like someone who earns seven plus figures.

Your mindset is key to earning a million dollars in commissions, so it is important you have the right mindset.

Ryan Stewman will dive deep into the millionaire mindset in this THC Podcast episode that will help you make the mental shift easily.

2. Be An Action Taker

You can have the right mindset, the right product, and all the right skills but if you are not taking action, it all becomes useless.

No shortage of people who want to be millionaires, but there is a shortage of people who are willing to take the actions needed.

Everything you learn and know is completely useless if you are not willing to take any action.

Listen to this THC Podcast and learn how you can start being an action taker right way.

3. Sacrifice

Show me a self-made millionaire that sacrifice didn’t play a big role in their success. I bet you can’t.

To accomplish big things you will have to be prepared to sacrifice a lot of little things. The bigger the goal, the bigger the sacrifice.

You can’t be scared to put it all on the line, and that is exactly what Ryan Stewman did along his journey to becoming a million dollar closer.

Inside this episode, Ryan goes deeper into sacrifice and the role it plays in his success.

4. High Threshold For Pain

The popular phrase “no pain no gain” does not only pertain to exercise. It is also true when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

You will need a high threshold for financial pain, physical pain, mental pain and of course emotional pain.

The path to the top is scattered with adversary and roadblocks that you need to be prepared to break through like a true savage.

Ryan Stewman delivers in this episode how he deals with the pains that come with the rise to the top.

5. Connect With A Million Dollar Closer

If you want to be a million dollar closer, find someone that already is and soak up as much from them as possible.

No matter how much it might feel like it at times, you don’t have to go at it alone.

Connecting with a mentor/coach that has accomplished what you are aiming for will help you immensely.

Listen to this THC Podcast episode and learn how Ryan connects with and selects the right coaches and mentors to help him level up his business.

You Can Be A Million Dollar Closer No Matter What You Are Selling

It is easy to think and say you can’t earn a million dollars in 12 months selling what you do, but the fact remains you can. It all starts with understanding and accepting that you can.

It will not be easy, and it is a grueling battle which is why the world only contains 257,000 million dollar closers.


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