THC Podcast 040: The Top Reasons Salespeople Are Blowing Sales

Posted on December 04, 2016

Ryan Stewman



I would highly doubt if there is a salesperson out there that hasn’t blown at the very least a few sales during their career. 

Blowing a sale can be frustrating but is important to learn from it so you can prevent it from happening again in the future. 

In this episode of the go-to sales podcast  THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman will point out the holes in your game that are costing you sales. 

The information in this episode will not just point out your holes, but more importantly show you how to plug them up so you can stop blowing sales today. 

The Top Reasons Salespeople Are Blowing Sales

#1 Talking Too Much

Sometimes all a salesperson has to do to close a sale is just stop talking. Sounds easy right? Well, it can be more of a challenge than you make think for some salespeople. 

We all have either been guilty ourselves or for sure have watched a fellow salesperson talk them right out of a would-be deal. 

To close sale it requires you getting a decision out of your prospect, but decisions can cause collisions. 

The more a salesperson talks, the more they give their prospect to think about which intern unearths objections like “let me think about it” and what not. 

Your prospects need your help to make the choice that is best for them. You can’t do that by running off at the mouth. That’s for sure. 

#2 Over Promising 

Like it or not, people are conditioned to believe when something sounds too good to be true, to believe it usually is. 

Don’t say you can do something you know you can’t. Prospects will most likely accept things the way they are. 

Don’t for a second think you need to offer your prospects the imaginary because you don’t. 

Prospects and people in general BS radars are at an all time high. They can sense and feel when you are making claims you know you can’t live up to.

Drop the BS! It only will come back to hurt you. 

#3 Making It About You And Not The Prospect

You might be a nice guy/gal, but your prospect could give two licks about you. It’s not personal. They are just out for them. 

Your prospects are out to find the best solution out there that addresses their current problem. 

Make the conversation about what you sell, not who’s selling it. 

#4 Quit On The First Objection

Deals do not always close smoothly with zero objections from a prospect especially when you first ask them for sale. 

Objections are part of sales, so it is important as a sales professional is not to let that initial objection stop you from closing the deal. 

In this episode of THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman will reveal how he deals with the prospects initial objection. 

#5 Believing The Buyers BS

Just like you and I tell ourselves little lies each and every day, so does your prospects. 

Prospects will tell themselves and you they are not here to buy today, but when you think about why else are they there? 

If you are sold on your product/service and know it is going to help them, it is up to you to push through those little voices of doubt in their head. 

Ryan breaks this down even more in this episode of THC Podcast. Listen in and start closing more sales. 

#6 Not Asking For The Business Properly

A closed mouth does not get fed, and the sale doesn’t get closed unless you ask for it. 

Sometimes all it takes for you to close the sales is just ask. You never get a laydown sale if you don’t ask the client for the sale. 

Crafting your offer to be clear and concise is important to closing more sales. 

In this THC Podcast episode, you will hear Ryan Stewman lay out what the key components to a good offer are, so you can start putting yours together. 

Blow Less Sales And Start Closing More

It is one thing to know what is blowing your sales and it is another to start making a change. 

The information and tactics in this THC Podcast session are worthless if you do not put them into action. So put them in action now. 

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