THC Podcast 042: How To Craft A Killer Sales Offer

Posted on December 19, 2016

Ryan Stewman



You have to know how to open a sale to close a sale.

To crack open a sale the right way it requires a well-crafted sales offer.

Your offer is the presentation of your solution to the prospect in a way that shows them it is right for them.

Without a well-crafted sales offer, there will be no sale.

The size of your commission checks reflects the quality of your sales offer. 

In this THC Podcast session, Ryan Stewman shows you how to craft a killer offer that will set you up for more sales.

Check out the short description of what you will learn in this episode.

How To Craft A Killer Sales Offer

Make The Offer Clear

You know how your services and products work and what the customer gets when doing business with you, but in most cases your prospects do not.

Your offer needs to convey to the prospect what exactly what they get when they do business with in the most uncomplicated way possible.

In this podcast, Ryan explains how to make your offer as clear as possible, so more people understand it with ease.

Make The Offer Short

In addition to your sales offer to be clear it also should be as short as possible.

Less is more. Shorter is more memorable because shorter is easier to remember.

Too many times as salespeople we tend to think more information and more chatter close more sales, but that is not the case.

Trying to pack too much into your offer can make it more complicated and difficult to get a yes from your prospect.

Ryan goes over in this podcast how he makes his offers short and extra sweet so you can too.

Include A Call To Action

You can never expect someone to buy from you if you don’t even ask them to.

Any offer requires a call to action so the prospect knows what they should do next. If you are not providing your prospects with direction for moving forward, you are not selling you are informing.

Informing doesn’t close sales.

Listen in to this episode and learn how to create or revamp your offers call to action.

The Better The Offer The Bigger The Commission Checks

If you invest the time and effort into your offer no matter what you are selling, you will see an increase in deals closed.

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