THC Podcast 043: How To Use Suggestive Selling To Close More Sales

Posted on December 29, 2016

Ryan Stewman



When it comes to sales, the close is when things start to get real.

The close is the grand finale of a series of smaller sales.

When you go in and ask for the sale, you are putting yourself in a position to face rejection, and most people are terrified of being rejected. That is why a lot of salespeople are going hungry.

A professional closer is well aware that if they want to get paid, they got too close the deal.

A professional closer stands in front and behind their products/services and believes in the benefits it will provide to their customers.

You are providing a disservice to a prospect if you do not close them on your product or service.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to show you how you can use suggestive selling techniques to close you more sales today.

How To Use Suggestive Selling To Close More Sales

The Head Nod

Nodding your head yes aligns with your prospects subconscious which makes them want to nod yes as well. This will connect you and your prospect further and starts the path to an agreement.

When you and your prospect are synced together in agreement it will make it difficult for them to say no to you.

The beauty of something as simple yet powerful as the head nod is it even works over the phone. Sounds crazy right?

Jump into this episode of THC Podcast and Ryan will show you how to master the head nod via the phone or in person.

Ask For The Agreement

Agreements are the trial closes along the way to the final close.

The human mind tends to want to get along with other people. When two people are in agreement, it creates a bond, and a bond makes it rough for a prospect to say no.

Learn how Ryan Stewman using small agreements with prospects along the path to the sale that make it a piece of cake to get the sale when it is time for the grand finale.

Sleight Of Hand

Salespeople especially tend to talk with their hands whether in person or over the phone.

Body language is just as important as your verbal communication, and it can play a big part in closing you more sales.

You may not think what you do with your hands and body while with a customer which is why it works so well.

Ryan goes deeper in this episode on the power of your body language and how you can use it to your advantage in sales.

Set The Scene

When working with a prospect, it is important to talk to them as if they already own your product or are using your service.

Put the prospect into the product mentally and the paint the picture of how it is going to benefit them and enhance their life in one way or another.

Talk about your product or service like it has already helped your product. Like they are already an owner.

This THC Podcast episode is going to give you some powerful tips on setting the scene with your prospects in it and how you can parlay that to more closed deals.

Future Pace

Once you have set the scene and have your prospect metal owning your product, it is time to lock up the close by setting the future pace.

Future pacing is painting the future picture of what life is like for your prospect after owning your product and service.

The key to making future pacing work for you is knowing what the desired long-term results your prospect is looking for. To do that you have to be asking the right questions.

Ryan will teach you how to future pace like a pro with your prospects so they feel like they are peeking into their future and can see the long-term benefits of doing business with you.

Start Using These Suggestive Selling Techniques And Start Closing More Sales

These suggestive selling techniques might not sound like much, but ask your boy Ryan Stewman how much money these techniques have made him.

The little things like these techniques are what will help you crush your goals and fill up your bank account. Do not sleep on them.

Are you going to focus on suggestive selling and use it to your advantage?

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