THC Podcast 045: Seven Signs That You Shouldn’t Work In Sales

Posted on January 07, 2017

Ryan Stewman



The sales industry can be very rewarding and can help you build a great life.

One of the best parts of the sales industry is pretty much anyone can get into sales, but that doesn’t mean sales is for everyone.

Being successful in sales requires certain characteristics and traits that like it or not everyone possesses.

It is a certain breed of individual that has what it takes not just to make it but kill it in the sales industry.

In this THC Podcast episode, your favorite salesman Ryan Stewman is going to run down seven signs that you shouldn’t be in sales. So before you quit your day job make sure you aren’t showing any of these signs.

7 Signs That You Shouldn’t Work In Sales

1. Not Quick On Your Feet

Being quick on your feet and fully prepared to handle your prospects objections or complaints is vital to your success in sales.

If you need time to come up with a response in any sales situation, you are going to cost yourself sales. Closing sales require you to quickly counter objections with positive rebuttals.

Imagine sitting across from a prospect who gives you an objection, and you respond with just sitting there with an odd look on your face trying to come up with something clever to say. Your prospect will toss you to the side.

Ryan goes more into the art of being quick on your feet in this THC Podcast episode.

2. Need Immediate Pay Check

In many sales positions, you don’t start making money right away. It can be a few weeks to even a few months till you start making money, so you have to be prepared for that.

It can take some time to build your sales pipeline to the point it starts spitting out sales for you. In the meantime, you will need to have all your personal expenses covered.

If you need some quick cash sales most likely isn’t for you.

3. Not A People Person

If the thought of sitting down with a different stranger every day makes you uncomfortable, you probably aren’t built for the sales game.

Sales is a people business, so you need to be a people person. Meeting new people is what the sales business is about, so you will need to embrace and enjoy it.

Dive into this THC Podcast episode and hear Ryan Stewman’s thoughts on being a people person and why it is crucial to your survival in the sales industry.

4. Can’t Deal With Negativity

Most people don’t have the balls to work off sole commission, so when your family and friends find out you are they will most likely react in a negative fashion.

You and I both know that all salespeople aren’t scam artists or shady, but unfortunately, the majority of society doesn’t believe that.

You need to condition yourself to ignore the negativity and to keep your eye on the prize. It doesn’t matter if the negativity is coming from people you love or your prospects you will need to be thick skinned.

5. You Can’t Picture Yourself Wealthy

If you can’t picture yourself crushing it in sales and earning big fat commission checks, you most likely will not. Sales and success come from within.

There are millionaire salespeople out in the world, and you can be one of them if you believe you can. If you don’t believe you can get rich in sales, it will never happen.

Don’t be afraid to dream bigger than you are.

Ryan Stewman, goes into more detail in this episode about thinking and dreaming big and the positive effects it has on your bank account balance.

6. You Are Not Coachable

You can rest assured that the most successful salespeople in the world have a mentor/coach or teacher of some sort.

A sales superstar is going to have to be comfortable taking direction and putting what you learn into action if they are going to make it big in sales.

Keep your mind open to new techniques and strategies that will help you get better at sales. Don’t be a cocky douche that thinks they are too good to take direction or learn new things.

7. You Are Not Cut Out To Close

In this world, there is a handful of people that get downright offended or even angry when someone tries to sell them something. That is a major contributor to why some salespeople are terrified to ask their prospects for sale.

Negotiating a sale can at times get heated so a salesperson has to be prepared for that and not allow it to shake your focus. You have to remain cool at all times.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan will give you some tips on dealing with complaints and heated conversations with your prospects.

Sales Isn’t Right For Everyone

Sales are one of the greatest opportunities in the world, but it isn’t a good match for everyone.

If you are currently in sales and struggling to hit your stride or you are thinking of getting into sales use this list to help you determine if you are right for the sales industry.

You are better off knowing you are or you are not than you do not know at all.

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