THC Podcast 047: How To Sell Premium Products To Cheap Prospects

Posted on January 19, 2017

Ryan Stewman



It doesn’t matter what, where and who, you are selling, you have had to deal with “cheap prospects”. Even if you are your marketplaces “lowest cost provider” you are still going to be too expensive for someone.

The reality in most sales organizations the marketing being executed to attract new business is all about “big sales” and/or “special rates available now” discount-oriented marketing messages.

Believe it or not, these marketing campaigns do attract new customers but they are the customers who are chasing that special promo/“big savings” and well you know how that goes. Half the time the individual doesn’t even qualify for “special” and that can automatically piss a prospect off.

Now, if you intend to eat off the traffic and leads your organization is providing you, you are going to need to learn how to sell premium products to cheap people.

In this THC Podcast episode, (number 47 to be exact) our fearless leader at Hardcore,  Mr. Ryan Stewman is going to dissect the art of selling premium products to cheap prospects.

Ryan rips through his four-step process that anyone can put into action right away and start seeing improvements.

Check it out.

How To Sell Premium Products To Cheap Prospects

Step 1 – Clear Your Mind

If the company you are selling for is marketing big sales and deep discounts, you are going to need to be prepared to deal with that if you are going to want to close any deals.

You can not treat every prospect that comes through the door asking about the advertised special like you can’t move them to a different product and or service.

It is time to open your mind and treat every sale on an individual basis. Stick to the road to the sale and never shortcut your process.

Step 2 – Identify The Prospects Problem

You better believe the best salespeople in the world are selling solutions, not a product.

When people have a problem that is big enough price is never an issue if it solves their problem.

There is a story behind why a prospect is in front of at that very time. Find out what that is from your prospect.

When you hone in on what the genuine primary concern is for a prospect, all you have to do is present a solution that will solve it. That’s like having an unfair advantage.

Ryan will give you some examples of “customer problems” as well as some questions you can ask to help you unearth their problem.

Step 3 – Show The Prospect You Can Solve Their Problem

By listening closely to a prospect’s problem and also their motivation, you will have an easier time closing up deals.

Go into every sale focusing on what’s best for the prospect (based off of your professional opinion) and present said solution like a boss and in a way that conveys the value in doing business with you.

Adopt the mindset of being a problem solver, not a salesperson. Go into every sales conversation ready to help your prospect get exactly what they need. You start rolling like that and you will start rolling in the dough from more sales every month.

Learn in this THC Podcast how you can creatively show your prospects how you can solve their problem.

Step 4 – Provide An Amazing Experience And Service

If you are trying to sell a product/service that isn’t cheap, you are going to have to bring your A-game to the table when it comes to the service and experience that goes along with it.

Show your prospect first hand the long-term value of doing business with you and exactly how it will benefit them. A positive experience alone is enough to keep prospects coming back and sending you referrals.

Make your prospect feel good about spending their money with you.

Get some of Ryan Stewman’s top tips for providing your prospects an amazing experience.

Get More Cheap Prospects To Say Yes To Your Offer

At the end of the day, whether you are the cheapest price in town or the most expensive, you will cost too much to someone. It doesn’t matter how cheap your price is.

Your main objective is to find the best possible solution for your client’s problem. Just because they (initially) think the cheapest product is the right solution for them, but you know what, it isn’t.

Follow the road to the sale and treat every sale like a sale and you will make more sales.

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