THC Podcast 050: 5 Habits Of The Top Performers In Business and Sales

Posted on February 13, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Ever wonder how the top performers are more productive in the same 24 hours as an average performer?

What makes the top performers in business and sales different? What habits do the top performers execute on the daily that helps them rise to the top?

In this episode of THC Podcast, your boy Ryan Stewman is going to review five habits of the top performers in business and sales.

Ryan is not only super successful himself, but he has had the pleasure of working with, learning from and hanging out with some of the world’s most elite salespeople and entrepreneurs, and in this episode, he is going to share some of their most common habits.

5 Habits Of The Top Performers In Business and Sales

1. Be An Early Riser

When you are on a mission to be successful and love what you are doing, you would rather be awake working on your goals than sleeping.

Top performers are up super early in the mornings getting a head start on the day while everyone else is sound asleep.

You may dream while you’re asleep, but they only become a reality while you’re awake. Get your ass up early.

2. Exercise

All top performers in sales and business will agree that exercise is a must.

Your body is constantly creating energy, and if you don’t get out and burn that energy through some form of exercise, that energy can become anxiety and stress.

Start power walking, running or hitting the gym up and burn through that energy, so you start creating more energy.

3. Ability To Stay Uncomfortable

Remember in Rocky 3 after Balboa got his ass handed to him by Clubber Lang/Mr. T? Remember when Apollo comes to see Rocky and tells he lost because he didn’t have that “eye of the tiger” anymore?

Apollo then tells Rocky he lost because he wasn’t hungry anymore.

Well, that is how it goes in business. Multi-millionaires will sleep on couches or the floor even until their projects are finished. That is how they keep themselves hungry.

Don’t let yourself get comfortable and lose that “eye of the tiger” that got you where you are in the first place.

4. Have A Coach Or Mentor

The most wealthy, successful and powerful people in the world have someone that has something in their life, that yours is lacking giving them wisdom, advice, and direction.

Why else do you think Connor MacGregor spends the amount of money he does on the best trainers and coaches MMA has to offer? It’s because he wants to be the champ and stay the champ.

Search out the leaders in your niche that have accomplished what you are aiming for and soak up as much knowledge from them as possible. 

5. Have A Greater Calling

It is always about the money, but it isn’t all about the money.

Most top performers in business and sales have a much bigger vision than just crushing it and making tons of cash. They want to make their stamp on the world and make a difference,

The best of the best who are leading the way in any industry have a bigger calling than just money, cars, big cribs and popping bottles in the club.

Dig deep and discover your greater calling that will impact the world and define your legacy.

Adopt These Habits Of The Worlds Top Performers

If these are the habits are shared with the majority of top performers in business and sales, it would be foolish not to adopt these five habits into your life and lifestyle, would it not?

Adding these habits to your daily repertoire certainly, will not hurt you and will most likely help you rise in your industry and crush your goals.

Adopt, and commit to the habits and traits of the successful and you will increase your chances of being successful.

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