THC Podcast 051: 7 Free & Simple Sales Hacks That Will Close You More Sales

Posted on February 17, 2017

Ryan Stewman



A professional salesperson should be arming themselves every day with more tools and techniques that help make more sales.

One more sale every day, week, month or depending what sell a year, can make a huge difference in your commission check.

So what can you start doing today that will help you put more sales on the board?

In this episode of the go-to sales podcast THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman delivers seven simple and 100% free sales hacks anyone can put into action today and start seeing results.

Keep in mind, that just because these sales hacks are simple, it does not discount their effectiveness or impact they can make on your business.

Let’s jump into them, shall we?

7 Free & Simple Sales Hacks To Help You Sell More

1. Switch Up Your Ringtone

This might sound a bit ridiculous, but don’t be so quick to judge.

Music has a very powerful affect on the human brain and has the power to alter modes, boost your energy and bring back positive memories.

Make your ringtone your theme song. Why do you think wrestlers and fighters come down to the ring to theme music? It pumps them up that’s why.

Your ringtone is your personal theme song and every time your phone rings you will shoot positivity through your mind and body.

If you are feeling like you in a slump, invest the buck into a new ringtone, and every time the phone rings it will mean, game on!

2. Stand Up To Sell

Standing up is a simple way you can enhance your performance, yet so many people do not take advantage of this.

When you are standing up your blood is circulating better, and you will project way more power and energy than when you are sitting down.

Try standing while your own and even try pacing. It will keep your energy flowing, raise your momentum, and increase your focus.

3.Sit Down To Listen

Now on the flip side, when you are with a prospect, and you are listening to their concerns and objections, you want to have your butt in a seat.

Sitting down will help you relax, listen better (and sales is all about listening) and make you less tempted to interrupt them.

Top performers in sales understand that sales are about solving your client’s problems. To solve a prospect’s problem you will need to listen.

Control the conversation and its pace by sitting when spoken too and standing when you are speaking/presenting.

Put this simple hack into action, and you will see things tip in your favor more and more.

4. Use Your Phones Mute Button

The phone is becoming more and more important for the salesperson, so chances are you are spending more time on it every day connecting with prospects.

When you are on the phone with a lead go ahead and hit that mute button on your phone while you are sitting quietly listening to their story.

This little hack will make it less likely to chime in and interrupt your client’s story. Salespeople get excited and have a high tendency to interrupt prospects, especially when they think they already know what the perfect solution for their problem is.

Mute your phone and use it as a tool to help you sit back, chill, and let your prospect get all their objections, concerns, and problems off their chest.

5. Send A Video Before You Call

Sales is a first impression business. People do business only with people who they know, who they like, and of course who they trust.

The video, is the most powerful tool to get customers to feel like they know you before ever even meeting or maybe even speaking to you.

Take the time before ever even hoping on a call with a prospect and shoot them a quick video message. All you need to do is just introduce yourself and remind them of your scheduled call or meeting.

This quick, simple and free sales hack can make your call go much smoother because they will already know your voice and have a face to put with your name and voice as well.

This will help warm up your prospects like a microwave.

6. Send A Text 5 Minutes Before Calling

With around 90% of phone calls going unanswered in today’s world, it has made text messages more powerful than ever.

Five minutes before every scheduled sales call shoot over a quick text message. Here is simple text template from Ryan that you can start using now:

“Hey (first game) it’s (your name), and this is the number I will be calling you from for our scheduled call in five minutes. Looking forward to it.”

Put these simple and quick sales hack into your arsenal, and you will increase your connection rate for sales calls.

7. Search For Common Facebook Connections

One of the coolest features on Facebook is the ability to view the common connections you have with someone. This is a great way to help open up conversations.

If you see that you share some common Facebook connections and you know some of the people that they know, it can work wonders for tearing any wall your prospect might have up around them.

Let your customer know who it is you know that they do, how you know them and for how long.

This will instantly warm up your conversation and sometimes even help build your prospects trust in you instantly.

Simplicity Sells, Complexity Confuses

Salespeople and entrepreneurs have the tendency to over complicate things.

The little things tend to make the biggest difference and these seven simple hacks if implemented and executed consistently, will do just that.

It’s not all about shiny tools or new technologies. Don’t overlook the simple and free things that will help you make more sales and smash your goals wide open.

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