THC Podcast 053:Building A Successful Facebook Group From Scratch

Posted on March 10, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Facebook Groups are all the rage these days and if executed the right way they can become a valuable asset for your brand and business.

Your fearless host of THC Podcast Ryan Stewman has had some extensive experience with Facebook Groups, and in this episode, he shares them with you.

In case you are new here, Ryan is the founder of the largest Facebook Group out there for sales professionals called Sales Talk With Sales Pros. (50,000 real members strong)

The Sales Talk With Sales Pro’s Group is a powerful force for Stewman’s business, and he shows you how to make the same thing happen for you!

Building A Successful Facebook Group From Scratch

Why Salespeople And Entrepreneurs Should Start A Facebook Group

Stewman talks about how he leverages Facebook groups to make multiple six figures in sales.

There are several benefits to your brand and business a Facebook Group can deliver.

Ryan goes through some of the best benefits in this episode, and you will see how worth it a Facebook group is.

He goes into the different type of Facebook groups you can create and how exactly you can get paid for them!

How To Determine Your Niche For Your Facebook Group

When creating a Facebook Group you want to create a group people want to be in.

A good Facebook Group is about the community not about yourself.

It starts with picking the right niche and topic for your Facebook Group.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman gives some examples of topics you can start to build a Facebook Group around.

How To Name Your Facebook Group

After you have your Groups topic and niche dialed in, it’s time to give it an appealing name.

You want to name the Group something that will appeal to your target audience, and they will know it’s the place for them to be.

Ryan shows some love in this episode and reviews some helpful tips that will help you name your Facebook Group right.

How To Get People To Join Your Facebook Group

What good is a Facebook Group without the right people in it?

If you can get a Facebook Group flooded with your target audience, you will have no problem making sales from them.

Ryan’s flagship “Facebook Group Sales Talk With Sales Pro’s” has roughly 50,000 real members and he lays out in this episode the strategy he used to make it happen.

What Should You Post In Your Facebook Group

So what are you going to post in your Facebook Group?

How are you going to contribute value to your Facebook Group?

All of Stewman’s Facebook Groups (public or private) are super active, and the members are hyper-engaged so he knows a thing or two about what you should be posting.

You are going to learn the kind of content Ryan suggests you post and how often you should be doing so.

Start Making More Sales With Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are hot right now and if done the right way you can build an engaged audience and of course that just leads to more sales.

Use the roadmap in this THC Podcast episode and launch your successful Facebook Group today.

If you are not a member of Ryan’s #1, Facebook Group Sales Talk With Sales Pro’s get over there and join now. See first hand for yourself how Ryan does it.

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