THC Podcast 054: How To Go From Earning A Six Figure Income To A Seven Figure Income

Posted on March 10, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Change is good, but change can be hard. Super hard.

In today’s THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman is going to talk about a super hard change, going from making a six-figure income to a seven figure income.

This episode is not based on theory or case studies. It is straight from Ryan’s experience of going through this change with his business.

Learning from the experiences of people that have already made the kinda of change you are looking to make is the best way to learn.

So break out your pencils and papers and let’s dive in!

How To Go From Earning A Six Figure Income To A Seven Figure Income

1. Scale

To go from earning six figures a year to seven, you will need help. You can’t do it alone. It’s time to scale your team.

You might have a small team at the moment or maybe your a solo act, either way, you will need to bring people onboard to help get youth that seven-figure mark.

Ryan Stewman shares in this episode his experience when he was first growing his team and gives some practical advice that you can take to the bank.

2. Grow

Once you have the team in place, you need to identify the opportunities for growth within your business.

What parts of your business make the most sense for you to double down on and get more focused about? What parts of your business are going to help get you to that seven figure mark?

Ryan recently made this shift in one of his businesses, and he shares his story of that experience in this THC Podcast episode. He drops a lot of valuable nuggets for sure.

3. Leverage

Next step in reaching a seven figure income is learning to leverage all your resources at your disposal.

Those resources being people on your team, technology,  referral partners, any and everything at your fingertips that can help grow your business.

Getting more out of what you have now will only increase your production.

Ryan goes into how you can start leveraging all your resources right now to start growing your business.

4. Advertise

Getting more eyeballs on you and your business is the fastest way to go from six-figures a year to seven.

The best way to get those eyeballs is via advertising. The modern advertising model has changed, and it is more accessible and cost effective than ever.

Advertising was key to the growth of Ryan Stewman’s

This episode is packed with great information on advertising your business. Tons of value.

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

The four tips above are essential to making the transition from a six-figure a year income to a seven, but they won’t help if you have the wrong mindset.

You have to have the mindset of a millionaire to become one. How does one do that? Surround yourself with them.

You can’t generate a seven figure income with a six figure mindset. Change your mind and change your life.

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