THC Podcast 057: 7 Things You Can Do To Start Generating More Leads Today

Posted on March 30, 2017

Ryan Stewman



A salesperson that generates their leads is going to be much more successful than the salesperson that doesn’t. Shocker right?

Closing a sale is rarely the problem salespeople have. The problem is a lack of leads. The lack of having people in front of them. Well, fear not!

Our fearless leader at Ryan Stewman is going to review in detail how anyone in any industry starting today.

Let’s get started…

7 Ways You Can Start Generating Leads Today

1. Post On Social Media

A single post on social media has the potential to put you in front of thousands of potential prospects with just a few clicks.

That is prospecting on steroids right there.

Craft a well thought out post with an offer and see if you can drum up a few leads from the people that engage with your post.

Ryan Stewman shares in this THC Podcast a few ways you can use regular old Facebook posts to start generating you leads today.

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2. Send Direct Messages To Past Customers

Reach out and connect with your customers of the past via a Facebook private message, text message, email or any direct personal message service you have at your disposal.

These customers already know, like and trust you and more importantly have already said yes to your offer at some point. So maybe they will again.

In this THC Podcast, you will learn more about using direct messages to past clients to help you reel in more sales leads today.

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3. Blast Out An Email

It is important to understand when we say email blast we are not referring to a spammy unsolicited email.

What Ryan is referring to is tapping into that list of past customers and prospects (if you don’t have one, get you one) and sending out emails informing them of specials, promotions, etc. Maybe it sticks, maybe it doesn’t.

Stewman shares with you in this episode how he uses email blasts to generate leads and close more sales.

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4. Call Past Clients For Referrals

If you can’t connect with past customers via direct messaging hop on the phone and give them a call.

This call will not be a phone call because you have already done business with these customers, so chances are they already know you.

Try connecting with some messages and if that fails, give them a call and try to get a referral or two from them.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman will show you how to call past clients and get some referrals from them.

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5. Leverage LinkedIn Connections For Referrals

The people on LinkedIn are in most cases all about business, so they don’t get as butthurt as the people on Facebook do when you start talking shop to people.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for leads and business opportunities regardless of what business or industry you are in. If you aren’t tapping into LinkedIn, you are missing out on opportunities.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn like a pro in this THC Podcast episode.

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6. Ask A Friend To Email, Post Or Share For You

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. A lot of people’s problems and issues could be avoided if they only didn’t act proud and shamed and would ask someone for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to make a social post plugging you and your services or to email someone they know that is in need of your services.

That’s what friends are for.

If you need some leads and help ask a friend and if they are truly your friend they will not have any problems helping you out with that.

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7. Run An Ad

When you are trying to generate leads, and all else fails, run an advertisement.

Whether it be Facebook or anywhere you can get in front of your target customers, an ad can generate more leads than anything.

Now you might be saying you tried Facebook ads or other forms of advertising and they didn’t work. Well, the truth is they don’t always work, but when they do work, they make up for all the times they didn’t.

Ryan Stewman has invested big money in advertising over the years, and in this episode, he shares some of his tactics when it comes to leveraging advertisements to generate more leads.

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Leads Are Out There You Just Have To Know Where To Look

Closing the sale is rarely ever the biggest problem a sales professional has, it is in most cases a lack of leads.

Leads are everywhere you look, but you first have to be looking. Get creative and look for leads in everything you do.

The more leads you can personally drum up for yourself the more sales you are going to close. It’s just basic math.

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