THC Podcast 060: 5 Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs And Salespeople Need To Avoid

Posted on April 22, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Social media is a powerful tool for salespeople and entrepreneurs.

Today more than ever doing the right things on social media is important for the growth of your business. Want to know what is equally important? Not doing the wrong things on social media.

When you do the wrong things, it won’t matter how much of the right things you are doing. You won’t be seeing results bro.

So what are the wrong things, the “don’ts” of social media? Well as always your boy Ryan Stewman has you covered!

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan is going to break down five mistakes on social media you need to stop doing right now.

Here is a quick preview of what this THC Podcast episode has in store for you…

5 Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs And Salespeople Need To Avoid

1. Spam Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are packed full of possible leads, but you will never convert any leads if you are just spamming the groups.

If you try to just post your offer or website in groups that you provide no value to the admins will heave-ho your ass right out of the group.

In this THC Podcast, you will learn Ryan Stewman’s top tips for posting effectively in social media groups.

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2. Dick Pics

It’s a crying shame we have to even talk about dick pics but like Ryan says in this episode “dick pic direct messages are an epidemic.” The sad part is he is 100% right.

What exactly goes through a guys mind when he is sending a chic a dick pic to their inbox? It never is going to get you a date or anything for that matter.

The girls will be laughing at you bro, so give it a rest fellas, NOW!

3. Only Talk Business

If you all you are talking about business on social media  I hate to break it to you, but you’re boring.

It is completely cool to post about business, your business even, but not all the time. You need to mix it up.

Ryan discusses his posting ratios for social media in this episode and how to find that proper balance of business posts.

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4. Troll Ads

You know when an ad from one of your competitors pops into your feed, you don’t want to be that guy trolling the ad.

You know the guy that is telling the poster their offer is a lie or their product is straight garbage.

Doing this is a waste of your time and will only make you look like a goof.

There is a great way to generate leads from competitors Facebook ads and Ryan shares it in complete detail in this episode. This is a smoking hot tactic you can start doing today.

5.Argue World Events And Politics

Most of us have been guilty of this one, Ryan himself will admit he was strung out on arguing about politics and beliefs on social, but he went cold turkey. Gave it up. You should too.

Negative confrontations don’t close deals so don’t have any. The more positive relationships you have in your network, the fatter your bank account is.

Ryan goes deeper into this topic in this episode and how it negatively impacts your business and overall production.

Start Using Social Media The Right Way And Start Cashing Bigger Checks

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