THC Podcast 061:7 Ways To Effectively Market To Your Existing Customers Without Seeming Needy

Posted on April 28, 2017

Ryan Stewman



If you appear to be a desperate salesperson that needs to close a sale, you will have a hard time closing sales.

People never want to do business with someone who appears to be desperate or need the business. People think if you need the business you are not that good at what you do.

The same goes for marketing. If you are not doing it right, you will come across desperate and needy.

In this THC Podcast episode, your favorite Closer Ryan Stewman will show you how to market to your past customers without looking desperate.

Ryan goes into his seven favorite and most effective marketing tactics that keep him in front of his past customers on a regular basis that doesn’t look desperate or needy.

7 Ways To Effectively Market To Your Existing Customers Without Seeming Needy

1. Send Direct Messages On Social Media

Using Facebook direct messages to reach out to your customers is more powerful than you may think.

Not only is it a great way to communicate with your customers but the way Facebook works is the people you direct message with are going to be more likely to show up in your newsfeed, and your posts show up in theirs.

Ryan Stewman has closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales via direct messages, and in this THC Podcast, he shares how he does it.

2. Recommend Them On LinkedIn

If you are looking to stand out on LinkedIn, you need to stop just congratulating people on work anniversaries or their new job. That is what everyone does, and nobody pays attention to it.

Instead, try recommending them and writing a review about their business or service. That stands out, and that gets you attention on LinkedIn.

Stewman has been focusing more on LinkedIn and has started seeing magical results from doing things just like this. Learn more about how you can leverage LinkedIn to effectively market to your current customers.

3. Utilize Client Groups On Facebook

Every single person you have done business with and every single person you hope to do business you should have them in a Facebook group. If you do not, you are leaving stacks of money on the table.

This Facebook group doesn’t have to have 50,000 members in it. Just need to have the right members.

So what should your Facebook group be about? Ryan Stewman has been using Facebook groups since they started and had had huge success with them.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan will talk about why you need a Facebook group that all your past clients are members of.

4. Share And Retweet Their Posts

Liking a post is the lowest form of social engagement and gets the least amount of attention from the person that made the post.

If you want to get attention from your customers on social start sharing and retweeting their posts. Everybody notices when someone else shares their post.

Ryan talks about the effect a share has and how it can capture you more attention from your customers and future customers.

5. Send Them A Gift

Who doesn’t like to get a gift? Everyone loves a gift, and it is one of the best ways you can be memorable.

The gift does not need to be expensive. You can grab a book for super cheap on Amazon and send it over to a customer with a note. It’s that easy.

In this episode, you will learn more about how you can send inexpensive gifts and gain clients for life.

6. Comment On Their Posts

Next to sharing a post a social media the next best form of engagement is to comment on a post.

When you comment on a post make sure it adds something of value to the conversation. Ask a question that will get the poster engaged with you. Works like a charm.

A random comment like “so cool” is not going to stick out to the person who made the post. A question, better yet a good question will.

Stewman discusses in more detail how he makes Facebook comments to stay in front of his current customers.

7. Write About Them

If you want to capture the attention of your customers write about them (or mention them) in a blog post and send them the post.

When you mention a customer, their business or service in a blog post you can count on the fact that they will share it and you will get even more exposure. Can’t beat that.

In this episode, you will learn more about how to use blog posts to get attention from your current customers and also how it can generate you new customers at the same time.

Market To Your Past Customers More Effectively

The customers that have done business with you before are your biggest resource for more sales and referrals so be sure to tap into this.

The seven tactics above are proven, and if you take the time to execute them properly, you will start to make more sales. Just like that.

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