THC Podcast 066: 7 Reasons Why Prospects Keep Telling You No

Posted on June 03, 2017

Ryan Stewman



The word “No” is like kryptonite for most salespeople and they cringe at the sound of those two words being uttered by their sales prospects.

Some salespeople are so frightened of the word “No” that they won’t even ask for the sale. Can you believe that shit?

When a prospect tells you “no”, it does not always mean “no, not interested.” A “no” from a prospect is most likely a buying signal, but even so, it is a word that people in sales do not want to hear.

As salespeople, we want to hear the word yes. Over and over again.

In this THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman is going to review the 7 main reasons your prospects are telling you no, so you can start to hear more yes’s.

Here is a quick preview of what to expect in this episode.

7 Reasons Why Prospects Keep Telling You No

1. Lack Of Confidence

Confidence closes deals.

No one wants to buy something from someone who exudes zero confidence. Don’t be cocky, just be confident.

In this powerful THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman talks about confidence and how you can dig it out of you whether you think you have it or not.

2. Lack Of Product Knowledge

Nothing turns off a prospective buyer more than someone who doesn’t know a thing about the product they are selling.

People want to do business with an expert. Experts get paid the premium fees, get the most referrals, and most certainly know their product line inside and out.

Ryan goes into more detail in this episode on the importance and power of product knowledge.

3. Address Objections

Addressing and handling “objections” is a daily thing for anyone in sales.

The problem lies with the salespeople who do not address the objections they know a buyer has whether they admit them outright or not.

Being fully prepared to handle the objections you already know are coming will get you more prospects telling you the word “Yes.”

Stewman is one of the best in the world at handling prospect objections and in this episode, he delivers some valuable pointers that will help you close more deals.

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 4. Your Personality

Never, ever, in a million years underestimate the power of a smile. Smiles close deals.

Who in the world wants to buy something from an angry, low-energy, non-personable person? Nobody!

Smile at everyone you meet and even when you are talking on the phone. People can feel a smile. That’s how powerful they are.

In this episode, Ryan will drop some knowledge that will help you be more personable with your prospects.

5. Lack Of Value

Prospects aren’t buying price, they are buying the value. If you do not know how to effectively sell the value you’re gonna be hearing a lot of “No’s,” and I know you don’t want any more of those.

When you are selling the value it is more than just selling the value of your product/service. You also will need to be an expert at selling and conveying the value of doing business with you.

What is it that you bring to the table that the other guy doesn’t?

Learn in this episode how Ryan sells the value in his services and maybe you will get some inspiration to help you sell yours like a pro.

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6. You Look Like Shit

Let’s keep it real here, we all know that “books are judged by their covers” and people are judged by their appearance. I am not sitting here saying whether it’s right or wrong, it’s just the way it is, like or not.

Does anyone even hand money over to someone that looks like shit? You don’t have to be head to toe in Italian suits and what not to look good.

In this episode, Stewman talks about looking presentable no matter how you like to dress.

7. They Don’t Like You

If people do not like you, they will not buy from you.

Don’t get it twisted, you don’t have to be an ass kisser, but you will want at the very least, your ideal prospects to like you.

There are many different ways to be more likable but one of the best is to just be genuinely interested in your prospect and their needs.

Everybody doesn’t have to like you, but you do want the right ones to like you. In this episode, Ryan talks about being likable and how you can connect better with your prospects.

Get More Sales Prospects To Start Saying YES

The word “No” does not always mean “No” but it’s still the last word salespeople want to hear.

Knowing why you are getting inundated with “No’s” from your prospects will help you get more “Yes’s”. Who doesn’t love hearing a prospect say the word “Yes”?

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