THC Podcast 068: Is Sales Management Right For You?

Posted on June 17, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Over the years people have believed they should drive for promotions in their careers/business and a fancy title and more responsibility were signs of success.

That way of thinking couldn’t be more wrong, especially in the sales industry.

A salesperson does not need to be promoted to sales management to be successful in the sales industry.

Most top performers in sales are making more money than their managers, so why do so many salespeople want to be in sales management?

Welcome to episode 68 of THC Podcast with Ryan Stewman and in this episode you are going to learn if being in sales management is the right move for you.

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Is Sales Management Right For You?

1. Are You Willing To Take A Pay Cut?

If you are thinking of making the leap into sales management you most likely will take a pay cut in the early stages.

Are you prepared to take a pay cut?

When you are in sales your pay is based off your production so you have full control over your income. If you are in sales management you are relying on others to do the producing which loosens your level of control.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman talks in more detail about the pay cuts that come along with the transition to sales management. 

2. Do You Like Delegating And Relying On Others?

Part of being a sales manager is delegating tasks and direction to your team.

If you try to micromanage and hop into close every deal personally you are going to fail.

How comfortable are you with dishing out the direction and running a team?

Check out this THC Podcast episode and learn straight from Ryan on how you can get better at delegating tasks to your team.

3. Do You Function Well In Team Environments?

One of the perks of being a salesperson is you can be a lone wolf.

As a salesperson, you can go into the office every day, put your head down, and just do you. That’s not the case when it comes to sales management.

As a sales manager, your income is based on the performance of the team and you are the one quarterbacking this team.

If you struggle functioning well in a team environment your bank account will feel the effects.

Can you function effectively in a team environment? Stewman gives you some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you have what it takes to be the quarterback in this podcast.

4. What’s Your Goal In Management? (Some people just want to be the boss)

Will being a sales manager help you accomplish your goals and dreams faster than if you stayed in sales?

A lot of salespeople find themselves moving to sales management because they want to be the boss. That is not the right reason to get into management.

Make sure to listen to the full podcast episode and learn why you need to define your goals in management and how you can identify what your goals as a sales manager are.

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Sales Management Isn’t For Everyone… And That’s Ok

Don’t think for a minute you need to be in management to be successful in sales. You don’t.

You just have to sell a lot of shit and you will get paid more than most managers.

Speaking of selling more shit, why not come roll with an elite group of savages who are all selling lots of shit?

If you are ready to level up and put your marketplace in a choke hold check out the Break Free Academy Entourage. It’s the place to be.

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